Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Our wooden letters arrived alhamdulillaah!

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh.

We had really nice meeting with Ummu Abdillaahi, A & M yesterday alhamdulillaah!

In that week our plan is also about like that:

On the morning:
1. morming circle
2. small lesson, for example work sheets, pre school book, new Arabic words or reading about our theme of the week
3. Z plays educational games by himself.

On the afternoon some activities which doesn`t need so much concentration, like
play doh
story books
playing together

And some small works at home (like helping in the kitchen etc.) and outside activities every day too.

I don`t put any times for the activities, because it depents a lot about my another tasks of the day and also activity of Z. So sometimes we can have many lessons on the day and in some another day less, sometimes they are longer and sometimes shorter etc. But this kind of plan seems to work for us!

Yesterday I got also wooden letters I ordered for Z from Näpsäkkä from here . I took those of  4cm and 0,25€. There are also letters made from felt!! Now I think, why I didn`t order also them, because they are not really expensive and it would have save a lots of time to have letters as ready! And felt is so nice material!

Our letters are not really strong even if they are made from wood, but I think that for our purpose they are good enough! In Montessory pedagogy the vocals and konsonants are colored with different colors and now I think should I paint our letters also. I think that the point is wise - when kids play often with the letters, it`s after easy for them to remember which of the letters are vocals and which of them are konsonants - only by remembering the color symbols!

Today we made some activities with Z with our new letters. I took some simple pictures and wrote the name of the picture. A good place for Finnis flash cards can be found from here (from "selaa kuvia" can find many themes!). Then Z tried to write it by his wooden letters. In that way:

Now I gave for him the letters he needed, and he choosed the right places for the letters, but when he learns the idea, it would be better to put letters to a box like that:
(The picture is from the cover of the book called "Auta minua tekemään itse, Montessori-menetelmän sovelluksia".)
We also tried, how it feels, when "write" a letter on the wooden letter with finger.
I have nearly finished the book ("Auta minua tekemään itse" means "Help me to do by myself") and I have to say that there are many interesting ideas!
The books for these week:



The Arabic ones I found from library alhamdulillaah and the theme seemed to be interesting for Z. I ask the daddy to read them for the kids! (I`m also beginner in Arabic!). The Finnish one is our own. It`s Mikko Mallikas (Burhaan in Arabic) and the book tells about friendship. Also an important thema!

Monday, April 29, 2013

Tha week alhamdulillah.

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh.

 SubhanaAllah how time is flying so fast. We already started our new "Tha" letter week bi'iznillahi wa ta'ala, alhamdulillah.

So in this week we planed to do some review all our learned letters with formation and "harakats" . And add new vocabularry as much as we can inshaAllah. Some activities as usually inshaAllah.

Here our basic plan for all these letter week. Another themes if we'll add we can share in our new posts inshaAllah.

Yesterday On Monday we spent time well alhamdulillah. It was nice the friends met and played and learned together, alhamdulillah.

At first we check our learned words by playing way. All animals toys and fruits which we learned in "Alif", "Ba" and "Ta" week we put in one basket and gave for kids 3 cards "Alif","Ba" and "Ta". They sorted those toys by the begining of the words. For example; To "Alif" card they put "Arnab" or "Asad" etc for "Ba" they put "Baqara", "Basal" etc. Alhamdulillah they had done well mashaAllah.

Then they played bowling with learning way, like throw ball to letter formation from the begining to the end. I think, they were enjoyed.

And sorting game by formation letter "Tha". I could not take more pictures(.

They played also with lego and kids try to made very tall "Alif" letter mashaAllah.

InshaAllah we'll continue "Tha" week with other fun way bi'iznillahi wa ta'ala.

Ta week is finished alhamdulillah.

  Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh.

For Ta letter we learned other new word "at-Tin" - fig! With A we read sutah "at Tiin" with translation . I explain little how Allah made it for us very healthy fruit and so tasty. A ate before when he was in Uzbekistan. He was 1 year and half maybe he couldn't remember how was the figs. Alhamdulillah in my contry all fruits and vegetables are so tasty. And next word "Tut". "Tut" is in my contry blackbarries and we have white blackbarries too and they are so sweet than blackbarries.

In arabic i found raspberry and strawberry are also "Tut".

Here what we had done.  Allah's beautiful name "At-Tawwab".

M's work.

A's work.

This homework sheets can be download from here inshaAllah.

And for math from here inshaAllah.

"Timsah"- crocodile and "Taj"-crown are in our language too the same name. So, we did not spent more time for learning them, I only made for A "Taj " for fun and same way he'll learn about Kings inshaAllah.

From this softsheet.

And we decorated with glittering.

Ready alhamdulillah!)) Our Kings crown was not like this, as example i made very simple one.

I also wanted add new word  "Turab" but we had not chance for it. Maybe inshaAllah next time.

We read book "Yahya Adl" more times and played with toys this story by ourself. InshaAllah when we have time we can  share it with you too.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Who made our flowers? And some simple Montessory style activities

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh.

Today after nap Z was again full of energy maaschaAllaah! He doesn`t sleep any more naps every day - only when he is really tired - and today he was.

So we went outside for a while.

There are flowers already in our garden alhamdulillaah! We spoke with Z about who makes flowers. At first he thought that he makes them by himself. I think that he answered like that because the kids putted bulbs inside the soil last year and I think he remembered that. I told him that he can`t make flowers, only Allah can! We can put bulbs inside the soil, but Allah makes them grow. He started to think about that thema and in the evening he told me many times that Allah makes flowers!

We also walked to see if the ducks have already arrived, but they haven`t yet. Again I asked Z who makes ducks and helps them to fly and navigate. He didn`t have to think a long time, he answered directly: "Allah!" Alhamdulillaah. We spoke about how some birds move to warmer places in  autumn and game back in spring.
Today we tried also some simple Montessory style activities.
At first I took two same kind of mugs. I put rice to another and showed for Z how to pour all the rice to another mug without drop any. Z wanted to practice many times. Then he did same with water. The idea is that the child learns to pour for example milk and juice to his or her mug alone.
Then Z moved rice by a spoon from plate to plate.

Then some simply measurement... I took water to a pot. I took also two deciliter measures (different of style) and a glass on the table. I told for Z that these two measures are deciliter measures and they are same sizes even if they look different. We tried to take the first measure full of water and then pour it to another measure. Z noticed that there are equal amount of water inside them.

Then we tried how many deciliter water we can put to glass.

We tried the same also with another style deciliter measure.

Z liked that kind of work and wanted to do the exercises again and again! InshaaAllaah next time when we bake or cook together, he remembers, what is a deciliter measure!
Z did also some homework.
Now, it`s time to rest! Good night!
P.S. Today, on Sunday Z wanted to measure again! I took empty milk can and I told him that it`s one liter. Then he tried how many deciliter water he can put to the can. He discovered that one liter eguals ten deciliters by trying himself!

another trees...)

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh.

Today I want to share other ideas about trees. Once I promised to sister Ummu Karim to give craft idea for tree. I didn't forget it. Now alhamdulillah I find time to write.

For seasons tree i also loved sister Umm Yusuf's idea button practice on felt apple tree.
Here her pictures. For more info you can visit her Coolness of eyes blog.


When I saw this felt tree i thought , it'll be good idea for seasons theme. For example we can use felt leaves flowers and snowfleks with button practice way inshaAllah.

In our seasons theme last year in Fall time we made one fall tree. Paper Bag Fall Tree from here.

It wast easy for kids mashaAllah.

But for this year i planed other tree from pipe cleaners inshaAllah. For you sister Ummu Karim i show very simple way to make palm tree. I didn't show it for my kids because i want to keep it for Ramadan inshaAllah.

2 free sticks for dates inshaAllah. Like this palm we can also make tree and add anything as apples, ,leaves etc inshaAllah.

MashaAllah wa barakallah sister your season tree is nice too. Yes, felt is good to use for many times and kids like it so much alhamdulillah.

An apple tree and a date palm

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh.
Today we learnt some small things about dates. Today Z seems to be a little bit tired, because he walked yesterday about four hours and did many activities. So today he didn`t concentrate in the best way, but we did some exercises...
Z did some worksheets in the morning after our morning circle. He wanted to show his "ta" made by play doh to A and took a picture from it by himself :). So here You are:

Then we learnt that also "tamr" begins with "ta".

I taught Z to use this kind of watercolors today. I like to paint with different kind of colors and I think that those we used before are easier for the kids, but I thougt that it would be also useful to know how to paint with watercolors too. I showed the idea to Z...

... and then he painted same kind of crocodile than I used for a puzzle. Crocodile seems to be his favorite of the week!

Then we painted two empty rolls of WC paper. And made a really simple apple tree and a date palm.
We learnt that dates come from palms and apples from trees. We counted dates and apples and discovered that there are more dates than apples. And vice versa.
I made also the map of Algeria and Finland from felt. (Maybe I need them after too inshaaAllaah.)

We discovered that there are both date palms and apple trees in Algeria, but only apple trees in Finland.

I made a date palm also from felt (quite same kind of than Ummu Abdillaahi and the kids made).

I thought that felt could be used for many themes and Z seems to like this kind of toys.

I think that maybe I do thema about Finland or Mekka or... InshaaAllaah!

I found one really nice idea made from felt from the blog A Muslim Child is Born, from here !

And bottles from baby food bottles (again!).

We also learnt, how dates are really nourishing, especially in the time of Ramadan!

For counting, we singed and played today one nice sing about five ducks. The idea is that five small ducks go to play and always one duck less comes back. All of them come back only when the daddy calls them by saying "KVAAK" really loud!