Friday, April 19, 2013

Let`s color and plan a home..

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh.

Z went to mosque for Friday prayer with his dad and older brother and now I have some time to post Alhamdulillaah!

Today we started with a morning circle. At first we checked which day it was yesterday and then continued to this day. Today the weather was really windy, so we learned a word "`aasif".

And "bint".

I added to our house the theme of the week: "ba" and star and moon, which S made for me. They are made by window colors so they are easy to remove and change.

And, yes, the circle was better in that way, I think!

Today our main topic were colours. New words by apps:

I letted kids to try how to mix colors. We needed again baby food bottles. I putted water for them and a little color. Then Z and S mixed color and water. We made like that blue, red and yellow.

Then kids mixed two colors to empty bottles.

And got new colors:

We tried to remember the names of the colors in Arabic. We used apps to help us.

After that the kids wanted to paint also the bottles...

Then we tried to color by marbles. Today I didn`t have real marbles, so I tried to use some pearls, but they didn`t move so good than real marbles, but the idea is that put a paper to small box (today I used a small basket, but box is better)  and then some paint. Use two colors only and only colors blue, yellow and red! Then put marbles on and move the box. The marbles paint a nice picture! It`s easy and fun.

Here are some pictures my children have done before by real marbles to get the idea.

Here can see also, how the colors mix.

Then we played one color game. In Finnish it sounds like:
"Maalari maalasi taloa,
Sininen ja punainen,
Mikä onkaan väri sen?"
It doens`t sound same in English, but it means that the painter painted the house, is it  blue or red?
I had two pencils in my hands (blue and red) and when saying that poem, I changed them from hand to hand, so that kids couldn`t know, in which hand I had blue and in which hand I had red. In the end, the child shows one hand and tries to guess, which color I have in that hand. Z and S tried to guess by using Arabic words. Z loved that simply game :)!

Today he continued his teddy bear pre school book.There he should find the biggest and the smallest one. There are our friends "batta" and "asad" too!

Kids planned their dream house...

We also started to read the book about home, which Ummu Abdillaahi send for me by email. But in this time I didn`t print it to save paper and color - we read it direct from computer.

These dua`s are so nice maaschaAllaah!

I also find one idea to color without printing...

This can try here. Z liked that a lot!

We also tried to write letters to potato flour.

For story time I choosed a book about Burhaan, in Finnish Mikko Mallikas. I loved those stories when I was small and finded these also in Arabic from library! I like that book because Burhaan is an ordinady boy. S tried to read the story by herself maaschaAllaah. I asked sometimes help from my husband :)!

S studies Arabic by these kinds of books. I sometimes show these also for Z.

I think that it`s good when older kids teach younger ones, then the both of them learn!

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