Saturday, April 27, 2013

Who made our flowers? And some simple Montessory style activities

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh.

Today after nap Z was again full of energy maaschaAllaah! He doesn`t sleep any more naps every day - only when he is really tired - and today he was.

So we went outside for a while.

There are flowers already in our garden alhamdulillaah! We spoke with Z about who makes flowers. At first he thought that he makes them by himself. I think that he answered like that because the kids putted bulbs inside the soil last year and I think he remembered that. I told him that he can`t make flowers, only Allah can! We can put bulbs inside the soil, but Allah makes them grow. He started to think about that thema and in the evening he told me many times that Allah makes flowers!

We also walked to see if the ducks have already arrived, but they haven`t yet. Again I asked Z who makes ducks and helps them to fly and navigate. He didn`t have to think a long time, he answered directly: "Allah!" Alhamdulillaah. We spoke about how some birds move to warmer places in  autumn and game back in spring.
Today we tried also some simple Montessory style activities.
At first I took two same kind of mugs. I put rice to another and showed for Z how to pour all the rice to another mug without drop any. Z wanted to practice many times. Then he did same with water. The idea is that the child learns to pour for example milk and juice to his or her mug alone.
Then Z moved rice by a spoon from plate to plate.

Then some simply measurement... I took water to a pot. I took also two deciliter measures (different of style) and a glass on the table. I told for Z that these two measures are deciliter measures and they are same sizes even if they look different. We tried to take the first measure full of water and then pour it to another measure. Z noticed that there are equal amount of water inside them.

Then we tried how many deciliter water we can put to glass.

We tried the same also with another style deciliter measure.

Z liked that kind of work and wanted to do the exercises again and again! InshaaAllaah next time when we bake or cook together, he remembers, what is a deciliter measure!
Z did also some homework.
Now, it`s time to rest! Good night!
P.S. Today, on Sunday Z wanted to measure again! I took empty milk can and I told him that it`s one liter. Then he tried how many deciliter water he can put to the can. He discovered that one liter eguals ten deciliters by trying himself!

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