Friday, April 26, 2013

Ta for Tawheed, ta for tamr...

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh.

  For Ta letter important new word was Tawheed alhamdulillah. For A it's not soo new but this time I add The Three Categories of Tawheed it was new . We want to share what kind of materials we use inshaAllah.

We read "What is tawheed?" from  sister Talibiddeen JR blog and found more interesting things there alhamdulillah. Barakallahu fiki and JazakiAllah khair.

2 posters, easy way to introduce What is Tawheed  with meaning and with 3 categories and what is shirk too with meaning and examples inshaAllah.

I made 3 cards for A. They are Tawheedu al Uluhiyya, Tawheed ar Rububiyya and Tawheed Asma wa sifat.

Now he can match with poster inshaAllah.

Next we did activities from sister Umm an Numan's blog Tawheed Ar-Ruboobiyah Pre-School Lesson Plan

We also did  these activities, can be found more here.

We added also 3 question, Man Rabbuk? Man Nabiyyuk? wa Ma dinuk?

Also I found link from sister UmmMaimoonah's blog. And there are tawheed for small kids too mashaAllah. We started read from them else.

Now time for math.

For M. she first wanted match by color then she understood. Her first numbers.

Well done mashaAllah.)

For A, first we counted from 1to 5 than 5to 1 in arabic.

Not more dates for number 5), when we strated this counting with dates he said "I'm hungry" that mean he wants some dates))).

And new for A activitie.

Alhamdulillah he had done.

Craft time. Ta is for tamr -date. Date tree for M.


For A 3d date palm tree.

We could not add dates. A wanted to add and try .

Me tried from date seeds make number 3 "Thalatha" A helped me.

InshaAllah we'll finished our "Ta" week with other activities too bi'iznillah.

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