Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Our apple

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh.

I`m so glad to hear that A feels better already! Alhamdulillaah!

We have today tried my idea that Z takes educational games from small table by himself and makes them on the bigger table by himself and after finished his work he brings his work back on smaller table. It worked! I can work in the kitchen when he studies by himself and I´m near, if he needs help. Today he used "Opetellaan kellonajat", Mini Luko with my games and one puzzle.

Our apple is also ready alhamdulillaah!

At first we took two carton cirles and red wool. And started to ring the wool thread like that:

...until it was like that.

Then I cutted the wool threads between two circles.

After cutting it looked like that:

Then I putted one wool thread between the circles and tied strictly.

We added some leaves.

And hanged it like in apple tree. Ok, it doesn`t look exatly a real one, but alhamdulillaah kids have good imagination! ;) هذا هو التفاح

P.S. I made also fatha, kasra and damma by window colors. Now kids can easily "write and read" for example "ba", "bi", "bu" in interesting way!


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