Thursday, April 18, 2013

Our Thursday with Ba

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh.

Today Z started his mornig by playing a horse game again with his sister S. I thougth that it would be a nice idea to make new buttons for the game; for example "alif", "ba" etc., or islamic pictures for example mosque, Kaaba etc. and new rules. Because kids like this kinds of games and some games are expensive also in Islamic shops. It also takes a lots of time to make totally new games. Now I didn`t have time for that idea, but maybe one day inshaaAllaah.

For the while kids played I had time to do some cards, because today we started our morning circle with Arabic words. I`ve studied with my kids the days of the weeks, the months etc. in Finnish, but not yet in Arabic. I made some cards for this. Flash cards for weather can find from here and for seasons from here. Thank You Ummu Abdillaahi for good links!

I also re-ordered our temporary morning circle area...



I wanted to make a nice calendar also for Arabic, but like I have said many times, sometimes I feel like time flies and I don`t have enough time to do everything I would like to. So, I decided that it`s better to start with a simple calendar than wait when I have time to do a beautiful one. So I made only a really simple house in the same way than I made a house for the paper dolls. I used the cover of old note book and the box of oatmeals and some kontakt plast. Now I can put these new Arabic flash cards on the box behind the house.

I desided that I start with Z in Arabic only with the days of the week, the weather and the seasons - I leave the months now, because I think that even that is quite a lot to learn for him. We put to our calendar home the cards needed on the day.

Then we were ready to start...
In Finnish we studied all the calendar, for example: Today it`s 18. April. It`s Thursday. etc. But in Arabic only "Thursday", "Partly cloudy" and "Spring".

I used also some post cards to show for Z what is winter and what is spring. There are a lots of these white flowers in Finland in the spring. In Finnish we call them: "Valkovuokko".


I added our theme "home" also on the table.
After our circle Z wanted to study numbers with his Clementoni.

And he helped me to do some snack. Bismillah!

Then we played a fishing game in a new way. I put a blue sheet between two chairs. It`s like a sea. Then I made a hook and line. I used a brush`s arm, rope and small bag. Small bucket would also be usefull. Then I went behind the sheet and Z "fished". He dropped the back behind the sheet and I putted one card or thing inside the back.
Then he draw "the fish". He got fishes like that:
We repeated the names in Arabic and then kids sortied them to Alif- and Ba-words.
Then we played again KIM-play with animals. Z hided from me four animals in the same time, but I remembered all of them :).
Baby I wants to learn too! He went to take this book (a present from Ummu Abdillaahi, A & M to Z!) by himself ;)!
Now in the afternoon I decided, that maybe our calendar is easier in that way? I mean that it would be better to put Arabic words near to Finnish and have only one calendar. Cards I still put on the house box to wait, so that kids can easily take them.
InshaaAllaah we`ll try that way tomorrow!









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