Friday, April 26, 2013

The seasons tree and Fun

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh.

Yesterday we were a long time outside again, but in the evening we made some new activities alhamdulillaah!

I made for Z also a tree for seasons. I saw this kind of tree in Ummu Abdillaah`s home and Z liked it a lot. Yesterday I got felt and started to make the tree...




I added to boxes seasons pictures.

And the names of the seasons in Arabic on the bottoms of the boxes.

Today after our morning circle Z wanted to start with the three. He made "spring" and "summer".
Yesterday we went again to the library. I wanted one book I remembered is good to learn Finnish. It`s good also for kids and I think it`s used in Finnish courses. It`s called "Aamu" ("Morning"). I thought that I could find from there for example the names of the days of the week, months, weather etc. I got the book, but this is not the one I thought. I think there is another and better one in this serie.
We`ve spoken quite a lot about seasons, because Z seems to be interested in. We miss summer already! Yesterday we made summery butterfly soaps. We used pink Lush Fun.
Interesting backround of Fun (copied from
"Fun Bar was created to help families affect by the 2011 nuclear explosion in Japan. Currently, there are some areas where the kids cannot play outside due to the radiation that is still in the environment. So Lush came up with a product that is useful and playful!"
Now kids can use selfmade soap to wash themselves :)!

Have a nice weekend inshaaAllaah!
P.S. Thank You Ummu Abdillaahi to remind me that "tamr" is also a word for "ta"! I should also take it to our "week of ta". It`s not a new word for Z, but he doesn`t know yet that the word starts with "ta".

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