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Summary about letters Alif-Daad

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh.

We`ve now studied first 15 letters Alhamdulillaah. Some of them we`ve studied more and some of them less. Me and my dear sister Ummu Abdillaah have written about our studying progress mostly like reporting about our weeks. That`s why there can be in one post about many themes - for example about the letters we`ve learnt, but also about places we`ve visited and things we`ve done with the kids and also about math, learning about nature etc. That`s why I think that it`s little difficult for a reader to find fast the most important links and ideas for the letters. From now on I try to write more theme oriented, like I`ve already tried in some of my posts, inshaaAllaah. But we also thought with sister Ummu Abdillaah that it would be usefull to put some important links and ideas to one post. That`s why I`ve tried to choose usefull links and best crafts from my and sister Ummu Abdillaah`s posts. For this post it`s also easy to add ideas and links if have them after inshaaAllaah!

I think also about myself - maybe I can use this ideas after with baby I inshaaAllaah! When K and S were small there were not a lots of digital machines like iPhones and digicameras. We had a camera for which had to buy a film first and then send the film to the shop for to prepare the photos. That`s why I have not pictures of  K`s and S`s crafts from their early age and I`ve already forgot some of ideas we used.

(A picture is from http://www.transaralingo.com/Lesson_One.html)

Work sheets for letters can find from these links:

 My Arabic coloring pages from here http://www.yemenlinks.com/contentdisplay/displaydoc.aspx?name=alphabet_coloring

Learn to write the arabic letters from here https://www.box.com/s/5jvfkqoaqv7uu8mdy9zw

Arabic writing practice sheet from here http://www.yemenlinks.com/contentdisplay/displaydoc.aspx?name=writing_sheet1 (we need only 1th page of each letters)

Lawwaniy wa uktubiy alhuruhul hijaiyyati from http://www.almiftaah.net/index.php?option=com_docman&task=cat_view&gid=91&Itemid=61

Almiftahul likitabatil arabiyyat booklet - 3 from here http://www.almiftaah.net/index.php?option=com_docman&task=cat_view&gid=186&Itemid=11

Alphabet Strip and Train

Cartoon about letters with bubbles: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Uc7Qad6iRE&playnext=1&list=PL0D14C77BF158C3C8&feature=results_main

A game to learn letters:


Home made letter blocks.

Letter Alif

download arabic vocabulary worksheets

Thema "windy - asif".

Flash cards for weather can find from here and for seasons from here.

Home made Mini Luko game

Letters by straws.

Different formation of letter alif. This idea can be used for every letter! We also added hands for the letters, so that kids could better understand, how to mix letters.

Thema Uzbekistan and


A flag made by window colors.


Home made puzzle.

Alif by window colors.

  Letter and picture game from baby wood bottle

Thema "colors".


Colors mixing.

 Painted by marbles.

Colors and shapes.

Letter Ba:

Play doh letters.

Thema "Bismillah".

Salam Islamin polku 1-2

Playing with soft woods.

Blinde kuh.

Felt letters.

Thema "The house"

Arabic house to teach Arabic words and for a house for paper dolls.
Islamic paper dolls: http://amuslimchildisborn.blogspot.fi/2010/06/our-muslim-paper-dolls.html (For example word girl.)

Same sheet as a poster with letters and pictures made by window colors.

A house from cartoon.

Ba by Lego blocks.


Letter Ta:

Thema tawheed:

"What is tawheed?" from  sister Talibiddeen JR blog and found more interesting things there

Tawheed Ar-Ruboobiyah Pre-School Lesson Plan

Man Rabbuk? Man Nabiyyuk? wa Ma dinuk?

http://islaam4kids.wordpress.com from sister UmmMaimoonah's blog. And there are tawheed for small kids too mashaAllah.

Learning to write letters.

Thema "apple and apple tree".

sister Umm an-Numan Islamic Apple Activities for Fall

Seasons trees.

button practice on felt apple tree. http://coolnessofeyes.blogspot.fi/2012/10/fine-motor-skills-buttoning.html

Thema "crocodile".

Thema "date and date palm".


Homework sheets can be download from here.

Letter Tha:

Vocabulary sheet: https://www.box.com/s/1nu88lif15wceglg20pb

Tha post card coloring pages from http://amuslimchildisborn.blogspot.fi/
We played a post with cards and letters.

Tha made from tissue paper.

Practising the formations of tha.

Thema "snake".


For thema snake: www.kidzone.ws.

Nice place to visit:
Tropicario http://www.tropicario.com/

Thema "fox".

Tangram fox.

For thema fox: http://www.colormountain.com/print/index.php?id=515

Nice place to visit: Animal Museum http://www.luomus.fi/museo/

Letter Jeem:

Thema Camel:


Thema Paradise:


Letter Ha:

Thema "animals".

Life cycle of the butterfly


Horse`s bones.

A word book made by Papunet resources.


Practising to write by wooden letters and play doh.

Papunet picture tool

Stories about prophets Nuh, Muhammad, Sulaiman and Yunus (In Finnish for example Salam -islamin polku 1-2)

A story about Prophet Sulaiman and ants.





A honey theme pack from A Muslim Child Is Born

Nice places to visit:
Hemböle ((For more information, please klik here!)
Animal Museum http://www.luomus.fi/museo/
A zoo: http://www.korkeasaari.fi/ I recommend a free Korkeasaaripäivä!

Letter Kha:

By play doh.

By tiny pearls.

Thema "al Khaliq".


Letter Daal:

For theme "Dawlah"  http://www.crayola.com/

And thema "religion"!

Letter Zaal:

Letter Ra:

"Raqam" Arqaam) numbre(s).

Nice games to learn numbers and time!

Letter Za:

Thema "flower"

This kind of tulip can find from here.

A butterfly and a flower made from coffee filters (it would be better to paint by water colors!).

Work sheets decorated by small flower stickers.

Thema "Zakat"

Letter Siin:

Thema "a fish".

A body of the first fish is made from three hearts, second one is made from hama pearls.


Hand painted fish and a lap book.


"Aquarium" from a box.


A nice place to visit:


Thema "a car".



For thema " A car" a nice place to visit:
Childrens` traffic city

Letter Shiin:

Thema "A sun".

Letter Saad:

Thema " a friend".


Letter Daad:

Thema "a frog"  ضفدع.

This idea can find from here. There are also a nice fish and many other nice ideas. These can print somehow, but I tried to draw the frog by myself.

Draw by a help of puzzle pieces.

 here a really nice idea for a frog theme sensory sink

Some other activities for thema Frog can find from


  1. Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah.

    Dear sister, May Allah accept your efforts and give you reward amin, Have a blessed Ramadan!

  2. Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah,

    Dear sister, I hope same for You! You`ve giving a lots of good ideas and liks for me and for all our readers! And please, if You want to add something, please feel free to do so!

    I had time to start the summary on Tuesday, because I thought that maybe Ramadan starts already on Tuesday and made everything ready and then it starded on Wednesday :). I also thought that I`m not going to use a lots of time in blog in Ramadan time, so it was better to start before.

    Ramadan mubarak!