Saturday, July 13, 2013

An Algerian iftaar and kids` Ramadan pastries

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh.

Alhamdulillaah our Ramadan has started really well. I wanted to share some good resources for nice recipes inshaaAllaah. Hope You`ll like them!

A nice recipes for an Algerian iftar can find from this blog!

I`ve been only one time in Ramadan in Algeria. There eat lots of Shorba and Bourek in Ramadan! Recipes for both of them can find from the link with good advices.

Today I prepared Bourek at home. My husband found this kind of packet and it was really easy to use!


Alhamdulillaah S brought for me a really big zuccini from garden :)!  I`ve used it for example for harira, another kind of soup. Baby I loves yellow one :)!


From At Home With Asmaa Blog can find for example a really nice Qalb el Louz recipe, an Algerian dessert with lots of sugar and so yummy! I prepared it too this week.


This is also one of my favorite food blog. Unfortunatelly there has not been new posts for a long time! But I use the old ones :).
In summer time and especially in Ramadan time water melons are good eating, because there are a lots of water inside them. Unfortunatelly it`s not our kids`favorite fruit. We made from water melon "butterflies" by a small cookie modell. Even quite small kids can do them by themselfs, if an adult cuts a watermelon first. For smaller children it would be better to remove the seeds too. And of course can use other modells too, like stars or hearts etc.


Alhamdulillaah they liked them!

Our kids love to bake! Here is one easy way to prepare pastries. At first prepare a thin cake bottom. Then make pastries by cookie modells. Z shows how :).
Then we covered the pastries with a mixture of powdered sugar, cacao powder, cold strong coffee and little smelted butter and decorated with sprinkles and added self made cake toppers :).

Beautifull ideas for Ramadan or Eid cake toppers can find from here and here. :)!

With S I prepared these butterfly Daim-schokolade muffins. I liked a lot the taste of these muffins! The recipe can find from here.

Here is our Sacher cake with kids` decoration - already eated too :)! More information about these kids`decoration can find from here.


Ramadan mubarak!


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