Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Ramadaan plan for A with M inshaAllaah

                    Assalaamu alaikum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuh.
Alhamdulillaah our preparation are going well, but my clearning is not finish yet subhanaAllaah!) By the way I made Ramadan calendar too after dear sister Ummu Kariim's idea.

I have not baby food bottle any more that I used envelopes.

M helped me with glueing.

Not more time for decoration!

Only word Ramadan like this kind of) and small pictures.

On right side.

On left side.

Here my calendar how looks like. I have only 8 blue colors, i thought they are 10 for last ten days of Ramadan. Then i put like that for begining and ending with color white, because we donn't know how long Ramadan month 'll be except Allaah subhaanahu wa ta'alaa.

Inside fill up with small things like this.

One letter for everyday with small toys or stickers or candies on Friday etc. InshaAllaah I'll add daily study schedule too.

Now it looks like this, i didn't close them yet, so still we don't know wich day will be Friday.
For last day I put balloons for Eid decoration inshaAllah!

Now i noticed , i put number 27 wrong place inshaAllah i'll fix it P).

Dear Sister Umm Hashir my apologies for late decorations. How you already know i'm still busy, I'd liked to finish all my works untill today, because we are going toTampere and we'll be at home on Saturday or Sunday inshaAllah. Maybe i'll finish my works after that, May Allaah help us all of this.

I  mostly like to decorate on Eid day! But inshaAllah how I promised i show you. Today I can show you only one, but inshaAllah next time I come with more ideas bi'iznillahi wa ta'alaa.
My dear sister Ummu Karim already posted that kind of decotarion. InshaAllah i'll put pictures step by step.

For small kids you can mark inshaAllah.

If the kids cann't use scissors, they can do by their hand, they can rip inshaAllah. Only parents can help them to control like with adhesive tape.

When you open, it'll be looks like this. We use color paper , this white paper only for example to you inshaAllah.

And you can make some decoration with shapes like 3 circles glue together or 2 squares for making islamic simbol.

InshaAllah when i'll have time I'll make them and put pictures here bi'iznillaahi wa ta'aalaa.

I made list iftar and soohur meal menu!

Ramadan 1434

What I made for this year.

M finished her banner.
A' work, it was dark, so I could not take pictures well.
toilet rolls and chips bank

Making telescope
For cover I used crepe paper, it is not perfect to use but we haven't any 
A decoreted with stikers

Now ready, look at the Moon!

Hand print painting moon

hand print lantern

For writing Ramadan word A use this

for making Mubarak word A & M useed stikers.
Ramadan studies plan for my kids:

1. Every day repeat one letter.
2. Aqida lessons in Uzbek.
6.Islamic games mostly Ramadan games.


  1. Assalaamu alaikum Dear sister
    Your calendar looks really nice maaschaAllaah! Have a nice travel to Tampere inshaaAllaah! I`ve been also so busy - inshaaAllaah my parents come to visit us on Saturday and stay untill Sunday. And we`ve continue packing etc. Time flies... SubhaanAllaah!

  2. Wa alaikum assalaam wa rahmatullaah dear sister,

    Thank you sister!

  3. Asalamo alikeum,Finally we made the Ramadhan mubarak banner which i saw on your blog.. it was fun making it. you can have a look at ours.

    JazakAllah khair for sharing.