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Our Ramadan Study plan

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh.

Yesterday we had again a meeting with sisters and kids in the park. We learned to do some decorations for Ramadan or for Eid, played some games and kids had nice time alhamdulillaah! We decided to use this week for preparing Ramadan inshaaAllaah. Dear sister Ummu Abdillaahi taught for me how to prepare really easy decorations! Thank You sister! We prepared like them at home from color paper. At first a paper should fold and cut like that.

When open it looks like that! Easy, but beautiful!


Our Ramadan Study plan looks like that:

For kids

Days 1-14 Five pillars of Islam and letters alif-saad


Halah wa-hilal ramadan (Abbasi, Mahmud)

Ramadan moon (Na`ima B Robert, Shirin Adl)

Ramadan karim (Barraj, Mirna) (I`ve heard that it would be better to say "Ramadan mubarak, but I took the book, because it looked nice.)

Salam - islamin polku 1-2
pages: 12-19, 155-170, 198-203, 210-213

Salam - islamin polku 3-4
pages: 21-23, 163-182, 200-204, 207-216

Lasten kirja islamista

A good book for Z

Planned crafts:

five pillars

Lapbook made with K, S and Z

For letters:

Letter Taa I would like to study more about tawhid inshaaAllaah.


Salam - islamin polku 1-2
Pages: 24-27

Quraan explanation in Finnish (Ahsen Böre)
Page: 793 (Al-Ihlas)

Salam - islamin polku 3-4
Pages: 28-31

Letter Haa, for theme animals, I would learn more about bees. I choosed also a book called Listen, Listen from library for Z. There are beautiful pictures about seasons and animals and text is both in Arabic and English.

Salam - islamin polku 3-4
Pages: 43-46

A honey theme pack from A Muslim Child Is Born

Letter Siin
A nice craft for one of Z`s favorite themes "A car" !

Letter Saad
Nice craft for friendship (but I like to do it without faces)
I would also like to discuss with Z more about friendships inshaaAllaah.

Days 15-20 Lifes of the Prophets (especially Prophet Muhammad (SAAS)! In this theme I add also some hadiths for the kids inshaaAllaah) and letters daad-faa


Salam - islamin polku 1-2
pages: 35-62, 133-154

Salam - islamin polku 3-4
pages: 49-82, 137-162

Profeettojen elämä (Leila Azzam)

40 hadith in Finnish

Days 21-25 Al Asma Al Husna and letters gaaf-nuun



Salam - islamin polku 1-2
Pages: 24-31

Salam - islamin polku 3-4
Pages: 35-42

Day 26 Laylatul Qadr and letter ha


Salam - islamin polku 3-4
Pages: 205-206

Day 27 Muslimcountries and mosques and letter waaw


Salam - islamin polku 1-2
Pages: 20-22

Salam- islamin polku 3-4
Pages: 10-15

Day 28 Basic information about Quraan and letter yaa


Salam- islamin polku 1-2
Pages: 113-132

Day 29 Basic information about Quraan and Eid preparations


Salam - islamin polku 3-4
Pages: 113-136

Day 30 (if there is) two Eids, Eid preparations


Salam - islamin polku 1-2
Pages: 204-209, 214-216

Adhà mubarak (Barraj, Mirna)
Ahlan ahlan bi-id al-fitr (Barraj, Mirna)

I marked the places for books by small different colors note papers. Now it`s easy to find the right places. There can also write small notes for papers, if needed.

My idea is that from our Ramadan Calendar comes every day one question related to our theme and then we do some exercises and read about that theme. I think that in Ramadan time I read more for the kids and discuss with them about our themes, not do so much crafts. I try to plan these lessons so that K, S and Z could all to take part of them on their own level inshaaAllaah. In this year K tries to fast all Ramadan and S part of it inshaaAllaah, but since a day time in Finland is really long on summer time, I`m not sure, if they can or not. I added to our calendar also letters for first 28 bottles, one letter for each day. We`ll try to learn little bit more about these 15 letters, we`ve already studied and restudy our words for example by memory games etc. For some letters I added themes or crafts, which I´d like to study more. For new letters I think that I only introduce them shortly for Z inshaaAllaah. My main focus on Ramadan is in Islamic themes!

+ Good deeds mosque everyday

For this theme I found a nice story from a book Salam - islamin polku 3-4, pages 96-100!

A good hadith about good deeds from 40 hadith (Finnish translition):
 `Abbasin pojan (ra) mukaan Allahin Lähettiläs (saas) kertoi yhden Herransa ilmoituksista sanoen:
Allah (swt) on merkinnyt muistiin hyvät ja pahat teot. Sitten hän selitti sen sanoen: "Sille, joka on aikonut hyvää tekemättä sitä, Allah (swt) merkitsee sen hyväksi teoksi, mutta jos hän on sekä aikonut että tehnyt hyvän teon, Allah (swt) merkitsee sen kymmenkertaisesta seitsemänsatakertaiseen asti tai moninkertaisesti enemmän. Ja jos joku on aikonut pahaa, tekemättä sitä, Allah (swt) merkitsee sen hyväksi teoksi, mutta sille, joka on sekä aikonut että tehnyt pahan teon, Allah (swt) merkitsee sen yhdeksi pahaksi teoksi. Tämän kertoivat al-Bukhari ja Muslim kahdessa Sahih-kokoelmassa.

+ Quraan lessons

+ Arabic lessons

Our planned resources:

Finnish Quraan explanation (translated by Ahsen Böre) Please, note that these kind of explanations/translations are not 100% Quraan! I`ve heard that there are some mistakes and ofcourse there are because the text is written by a man. Only real Quraan is Arabic! But because I can`t lots of Arabic I use this or an English Quraan explanation for better understanding for myself and for my kids.


For Arabic.

and My Marvelous Arabic Alphabet.
About Ramadan for Z (already started).

Ahlan ahlan bi-id al-fitr (Barraj, Mirna)

Ramadan karim (Barraj, Mirna)
Listen, Listen (Phillis Gershator)

I`ve used this coloring book before with kids, but I don`t print it for this Ramadan. Maybe we`ll read it with Z (I translate it of course). This and this books from A Muslim Child is Born look also nice, but I`ve also used some of the ideas from these books before, so I think I use this one this time inshaaAllaah!
Salam - Islamin polku 1-2
Salam - Islamin polku 3-4
Profeettojen elämä (Leila Azzam)
(I had before this 40 hadith in Finnish as a book, but I don`t know where I have put it. Alhamdulillaah, I found it from here:) )
And how about myself?
My main goals are to pray more and read and listen to more Quraan inshaaAllaah! I want also continue my Arabic studies and read Prophet Muhammad`s (SAAS) biography inshaaAllaah. I`ve read it before, but a long time ago. I also want to read 40 hadith again inshaaAllaah.
My main resources:
Finnish explanation of Quraan (Ahsen Böre)
Ibn Hisham: Profeetta Muhammadin elämäkerta (Sirat Rasul Allah, translated and shortened by Jaakko Hämeen-Anttila)
Madinah Islamic University: Arabic course for English-Speaking Students 2
(I`ve finished the first book of this serie before by myself and started the second one, but not finished.)
Yesterday I made a paper star for decoration with S. For more information, please, Klik here! Normally made by the instructions it would look like that.

But after I tought that maybe it would be better to have only five horns - like "islamic" star - so we took one horn away :).
Ramadan Mubarak!

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