Monday, November 11, 2013

week 5 of preschool curriculum

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh.

At first my big apologize for the late posting! Our E and Jim letters week took 2 weeks subhanaAllah for some reason.

 we did with M.
E is for egg! Alhamdulillah my kids like to eat eggs. We did small experiment, we tried to test different kind of cooked eggs. Subhanallah one egg changes if we'll boil or fry or mix it.
4 eggs with different tests!
M's work .Last time she is little bit lazy to finish her works.

I forgot to write our visit the Anilams museum few weeks ago. Can be read more info about Museum from sister Ummu Karim's  post.

A easily found what animals are they by skeleton bone.

Arabic worksheets from Tarbiyyah Homeschool.

Practisimg position of letters.

I saw many kind of images from google and I choose clothespin camel for craft.

I draw outline and cut, and wrote letter Jim, kids fill it with stickers.
M's tracing.

Tracing from

Islamic studies. We have learned Allah's creations; animals and birds! We already had comleted the Mini workook Allah created Animals and Birds before. Can be read about that in this post.

This time we did other activities, we made our Firts Lapbook! All Materials can be found from Iman's Homeschool.

All in 1 lapbooking. Ant, Bee, Cow and Camel pages.
I could not find in here (Finland) filefolder wich is using for lapbooking. I tried from this kind of folder

Kids starting to coloring with interesting. M colored some bee and cow pages, but A comleted all mashaAllah and alhamdulillah. This time he liked to color letters in rainbow colors.) They have fun!

A's coloring words.

M's coloring. they took pictures by themself.


This one was completed by M. before cutting kids sorted on it our animals cards from Smart ark.

Asmaul husna also from her site. Jazaki Allah khair sis such as great work and lapbooking!

Simple words matching.
A's funny way works.

M's work.

"White board" kids can drow with dry marker. A is drawing an Elephant.

Montessori at home  DIY  SOUND BOXES(JARS) . When A was 2 years old I made for him Sound or No Sound boxes from kinder toy eggs. This time this activity have done by M. and for A little bit difficult activity match the sound. 5 different kinds of things inside the eggs, he have to find the pair of them.

In the end he can check of them wrong!

Puzzle time, A's first 78 pieces it took him long time for the first try.

M 's with Me) 24 pieces.

Last craft Birds feeding house. Milk, juice cartons! It can be good for squirrel too.

A likes to build ,create with blocks and legos. We haven't more blocks, that's he mostly plays with his Lego.
He surprised me playing all by himself he bulilt Ka'ba, Hajarul Aswad ,Jamaratal Aqabah, Maqam al Ibrahim and 4 hujjaj.

I asked " where is  Safa and Marwa?" , he suddenly remembered and bulit them and Arafat(mountain).

When he finished he told these 2 big hujjaj are daddy and mommy and these small are Me and Maryam!
I was soo happy to see how he is playing and saying Talbiyyah in his own languages!;) Alhamdulillah, Ya Rabbiy Ya Allah keep his eeman stronger in his small qalb! May Allah Make them muwahhidun wa muttaquun forever Ameen! May Allah do his Hajj in real!

What else they are playing mostly?!  
M soo loves babies. With A they play baby-baby game. For A , M is baby for M A is baby)).

A chooses all his favorite soft animals toys and all greeen and blue things for feeding his animals.

All red ,pink, purple... things for M's toys.

And A's other favorite game is pretend to be Firemen!

Alhamdulillahil Robbil A'lamin such as great time and fun weeks!