Monday, December 2, 2013

week 6 of preschool curriculum

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh.

Alhamdulillahi a'la kulli haal, with qadar Allaha wa Ta'ala we have been long time in break! Our last  week curriculum took us long time subhanaAllah! I was so busy and we worked some days from one week and some from others. Like this we completed our 6th week of preschool curriculum .
(My apologize for the late post, I could not post before, one reason i had not time and others one time my post was accidently deleted(( inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi Roji'uun!)

So let's report about it bi'iznillahi wa ta'alaa. Letter F and arabic letter Ha. You can also read about another arabic letter HA in here.

F is for Feather and fingers!)

F is for feather Fan!

together we made feather fan and kids tried it.

A's own fan.
M's own fan.

Feather pen. Kids tried to feel how old time people used feather pen with ink to write.


M's tracing sheet from

M's letters without tracing.

Making letter and picture using self-stick notes.

F is for flower! Tracing sheets can be found in here and here.


Arabic letter Ha. Cut and past letter and by mozaic way makeing Whale- Hut.

this one A's idea)

Worksheets from Tarbiyah Homeschool . Thank you sister such as good work. My kids are enjoing everytime when they are doing your activities alhamdulillah. They are really like it.

Math. We aren't doing more from Mep Math. Some times kids doing the same activities. And other time they are working from math of schoolzone books

Islamic studies mini book Allah Created Nature. Alhamdulillah we learned a lot Allah's creatures!

A told that his favourite  surah is all suwars of the Qur'an, mashaAllah)).
And He wanted to draw snowflake. That day he asked me a lot about snow...why it isn't snowing yet, why Allah isn't sending snow ?...Finally I told him if you would want really snow then did dua and ask Allah to send us snow. SubhanaAllah after his dua that day was first snow; alhamdulillah A was so happy to see his dua's accepted.

Kids collected some examples  for Nature from Allah's creatures.
Alhamdulillah we finished our tawheed book.

And we started another Tawheed for Children book by Dr. Salih as Salih. (Right now I don't remember from where i found it, if you whould like you can download from here until I'll remember that site inshaAllah. ) In uzbek language can be found in here.
Another one is islamic story for small kids from Islaam for Kids.

A finished next book -an Family word book for begining readers. Alhamdulillah now he can read words with ending -at and -an words.
And he finished 1st Jolly phonics work book. He is working on Phonics Vowels book.


Montessori, this idea came to me from this sister's blog Umamah Learning Academy. First i made rose when A was 2 years old. Then I made other flowers for our Za week, but I could not finished all that time and didn't posted about it yet. Now alhamdulillah time to share it!

Felt flowers just our theme the Nature creature of Allah and F letter. 

Flower arranging!


Felt Flowers, inserting and sliding!

making Rose.


For making Felt Tulip can be use this idea. My tulip is little bit different.

I used this idea.



Parts of a flower. I found free printable parts of a flower.

We read parts of aflower from children encyclopedia in uzbek.


And flower cards from 3dinosaurs mini pack.

Kids did them together!) M matched pictures , A words.


Alhamdulillah they learned more fowers names.

F is for  Family Fun time in snadistadi.


Alhamdulillah it was really fun.
InshaAllah we planed to go to the  Botanic garden in next week.