Monday, July 29, 2013

Our kids love stories about Prophets alhamdulillaah! And some new letter activities.

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh.

Days 15-20 of Ramadan we studied about lifes of the prophets. Our resources can find from Our Ramadan Study Plan. We read stories for example about prophets:


Kids liked especially a book called Profeettojen elämä (The lifes of the Prophets, Leila Azzam). It`s based mostly to The Quraan. I think that the book is good for S`s (9) and K`s (11) age children, but also Z listened the stories with older kids :).

For this thema we didn`t do many crafts, only mostly read the stories and discussed about them with the kids. But we did some simple ones... 

... for prophet Nuh`s story we tried to make a simply ark from ice cream sticks :).

...for a story of prophet Yusuf I choosed a simply star made from ice cream sticks too. In summer time our kids have eaten a lots of ice cream, so it`s nice to use the sticks in educational way :). Kids liked the story and the picture from the book from Profeettojen elämä about Yusuf`s dream on which he saw that sun, moon and eleven planets bowed in front of him. That`s why I choosed a star for this thema, but it would be used for some another thema too!  The idea for the star is from here.

... for a story about prophet Yunus we prepared a whale, which can open his mouth (The idea is from here.)...

... and a ship.

... and a sea from small box. Then demonstrated the story of prophet Yunus.

For S I prepared this prophets`names word search. She liked it!

We listened for example Surat Yusuf from Quraan audio and I read some short hadiths for the kids and they tried to explain the meanings of them.

We had great time while reading these stories Alhamdulillaah!

For letters I made a train with kids. It was really long! Letters I cutted from My Marvelous Arabic Alphabet.

Then we did some cards from resources we´ve used before for first 15 letters. Inside the engine there is a pocket where kids can put the cards. For another letters this was like a light presentation, for them we didn`t have cards yet.

The idea is that kids try to put the cards on the right carriages, for example like that. Ìf the task is difficult, it helps, if an adult reads the word by sounds (not by letters).

I made a simple lapbook for Z about letters for a revision.

I used for example his own crafts.

I added Arabic numbers to the book too. Z can take them from the envelope, play with them and then put them back to the envelope.

I added also Aboo Ibraaheem Haroon Bin Saajidur-Rahmaan`s book Let us learn the Qur`aan, The Arabic Alphabets. I had to make from it two books, because it was too thick to rivet in one time - at least by our rivet machine.

I added also some cards for colors to one pocket.

Here is one of S`s good deeds: She brought for me a lots of berries, beans and a cucumber. We got from them lots of vitamins inshaaAllaah :)!

I hope blessed Ramadan for you all!

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