Sunday, July 7, 2013

Time flies!

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh.

SubhaanAllaah this week ends soon! I feel like time flies subhaanAllaah! For this week I didn`t plan a lot for kids, because I wanted to prepare myself too for Ramadan. I`ve already started to read my planned resources for Ramadan, for example Ibn Hisham`s book Sirat Rasul Allah. I`ve tried to turn my mind more for religious things. Also my parents game to visit us alhamdulillaah! They were in our home from Saturday to Sunday and kids enjoyed that time! They doesn`t live in Helsinki, so they could not visit us often.

Still we did with kids some things I wanted to add here too.

We tried to make some decorations for Ramadan cakes and desserts with kids. At first from marcipan. It feels little like play doh and some people can do really beautiful ornaments from it. S and Z tried it first time, so we did only really simple ones.

This is clitter planned for cake ornaments, but it`s not recommendable to eat, so it should remove before eating. I`ve getting it with one baking magazine, I maybe would not buy like that by myself. Kids wanted to try it for our marcipan moon and star :).

After that we made chokolade letter decorations by this cilicon model which is from Tiger store. I simply smelted baking chokolade and filled the model with it. Then putted to freezer for a while, removed gently and putted to refrigerator to wait for use.


*Edit after* Here is our cake fating for iftaar. A sacher cake is one of our kids`favorite one and now decorated with their own ornaments :). It would be nicer, if we had write by letters for example "Ramadan mubarak", but since there was only one A etc. in my modell it would have taken too much time to make all the letters. In this time I didn`t want to use too much time for it. But alhamdulillaah Z liked when he saw a place named for him by a letter Z :).
With same model we made ice cubes too! In the picture can`t see letters well, but kids liked to check, which ones they had in their drinks :).
Z got his 4. Teddy bear`s pre school packet this week. Alhamdulillaah it game just when I didn`t have lots of plans for him :). This time the subjects are for example good self-esteem and feelings.

Z made for example this exercise. For a while he added the clothes for the kids, we learnt too which of the hands and legs are right ones and which of them are left ones etc. (I don`t know why Z wanted to color the boy pink :)?)
We didn`t have glue any more, so I made stickers from the clothes. I used plastic book cover. When I was child, we made for us stickers in that way. We cutted pictures for example from magazines.


I found idea for this craft from here. We used stickers which I found from Tiimari -70% :).

There is one easy decoration proposal for iftaar table (which I used when my parents visited us.). I like these simple napkin flowers for dinner table! These are really easy to make and S likes to make them too! At first fold a napkin like an envelope.


Then turn it and fold again like an envelope.

Then simply lift edges from underside. Keep your finger in the middle of flower, so that it doens`t open.

It can be used for example under the glass or

under the dessert bowl.
I found from Tiger store a nice small earth ball for kids only for 1€. Baby I loves it and with older kids we`ve already checked many countries.

We haven`t forgot our wooden letters either :).

S went to Suomenlinna with my parents and her dad. K didn`t want to go because he has been there so many times and he wanted to help me with some Ramadan preparations. Then Z too wanted to stay with K :).  S went there by a small ferry and she took for me some pictures by her phone.



Suomenlinna is an old fortress on the small island. These dark tunnels can be quite scary :).

 S visited a submarine.

And saw old cannons

and beautiful nature.

They found from there an old tree`s stub and tried to calculate how old it is by annual rings, but it was a really difficult task! So it`s really old!

In Suomenlinna I advice to supervise kids really carefully - there are some high places where kids can fall!

Today we made a simple date palm with Z and S.
We made a frame from pudding pots. I nearly throw them away, but just when I stacked them to clean them away from the table I got an idea for a date palm. I like to use recycled materials for crafts when possible!
Our simply Ramadan calendar and good deeds mosque are waiting for starting of Ramadan. Especially S waits already, when she can open her first bottle.


I hope blessed Ramadan for all of you and for us inshaaAllaah!



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