Saturday, April 13, 2013

 MashaAllahu wa tabarak , Barakallahu feeki ya sister Ummu Karim. You did good job with Z alhamdulillah!

After your 2d  post , I decided to do similar work with A, but we don't khow how to play Mini Luko that we didn't play.
 For story Adam alaihis salam we have not book i only told him by myself. InshaAllah tomorrow i'll try to show them this from sister UmmSara in uzbek too.
MashaAllah you add new words to vocabulary.  Post cards from Umm an-Numan really good idea , inshaAllah we 'll attach it A's notebook which he had done last year.
 But paper doll i think, i'll add after Ba week inshaAllah.
I also add for A country theme like Alif with damma -U  Uzbekistan , our country begins with this letter too).

Here what we did today evening!

I drawed line, A cut by himself.

Gluing time.

Readyy, he weared his new t-shirt with picture map of Uzbekistan and old silk road that we got yesterday by post from his grandma.

Uzbek flag meaning near your Algerian, the blue color is  symbol of the sky, water,goodnes etc. The White is peace, purity etc. The green color  is a symbol of the renewal of nature. Moon is symbol of islam. Color red like blood and power of life that flows in our bodies. 12 stars are 12 of month and 12 of region of Republic of Uzbekistan. For more information you can go here

M's flag))

Finding Uzbekistan from map ( globe ball)

Showing Algeria too!)

Adding hand, their hand print)). This idea was really good Jazaki Allah khair!

We played else missing game not with card like you, we played only with toys.

A remember Arnab and Adam well but Asad little bit difficult for him). First we matched then we played missing game for good memory. 

Befor all this we play with new play doh and thank you for your items which you gift us we use it for making some flower alhamdulillah.

Sorry for picturesP).

Barakallhu fi amwaliki wa awladik!

InshaAllah we'll finish Alif week tomorrow!

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