Monday, April 29, 2013

Ta week is finished alhamdulillah.

  Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh.

For Ta letter we learned other new word "at-Tin" - fig! With A we read sutah "at Tiin" with translation . I explain little how Allah made it for us very healthy fruit and so tasty. A ate before when he was in Uzbekistan. He was 1 year and half maybe he couldn't remember how was the figs. Alhamdulillah in my contry all fruits and vegetables are so tasty. And next word "Tut". "Tut" is in my contry blackbarries and we have white blackbarries too and they are so sweet than blackbarries.

In arabic i found raspberry and strawberry are also "Tut".

Here what we had done.  Allah's beautiful name "At-Tawwab".

M's work.

A's work.

This homework sheets can be download from here inshaAllah.

And for math from here inshaAllah.

"Timsah"- crocodile and "Taj"-crown are in our language too the same name. So, we did not spent more time for learning them, I only made for A "Taj " for fun and same way he'll learn about Kings inshaAllah.

From this softsheet.

And we decorated with glittering.

Ready alhamdulillah!)) Our Kings crown was not like this, as example i made very simple one.

I also wanted add new word  "Turab" but we had not chance for it. Maybe inshaAllah next time.

We read book "Yahya Adl" more times and played with toys this story by ourself. InshaAllah when we have time we can  share it with you too.

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