Thursday, April 25, 2013

Some of our new activities of this week

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatulahi wa barakatuh.

We have studied a new thema "tawhid". I find a simple story in Finnish about the thema again from the book called "Salam - islamin polku 1-2". I shortened it a little bit for Z. We talked about Allah and that there is only one God. He has no son. For him belongs the most beautiful names, al asma al husna. I wanted to keep this lesson really simple, so that Z really understands the main point, that there is only one God! Laa ilaaha illallaah!

Our second thema was a crocodile تمساح. Z colored a paper doll ready and we learned how crocodile have eggs like birds. This crocodile seems to be a kind one :).

Yesterday we went to the library and tried to find a book about crocodiles. We finded this kind of 3D book. It looks a little bit scary, but Z likes it a lot! There was also a picture of the crocodile.


In this book there are pictures, which look with special 3D classes like a real!

The book told for us that female crocodiles are good mums. They put their eggs under sand or putrescent leaves. When babies come out from the eggs, mum helps them. Then she takes the babies inside her mouth and brings them to water and takes care of them two years. SubhaanAllaah!

We also found nice books about seasons. We started to study more about spring and apple trees.

Thank You Ummu Abdillaahi the tip about Tiger store! Yesterday I was able to go there in Itäkeskus and I finded a nice game for Z. The price was also nice :)! This is a memory game with letters. Now Z had started to be more and more interested in letters and I was suprise in the store that he wanted that game, but not a ball :)! He was so happy about that game! Alhamdulillaah!

Z knows not yet all of the letters, but quite many he knows. I just read a book about Montessori pedagogy and there was a nice idea to teach letters in three steps.
At first step a teacher tells for the child: "This is A".
At second step she asks the child to choose the right one from the letters (and there are not many of them, only for example 2XA, 2XB & 2XC in the beginning!), "Which of them is A?"
At the third step the teacher asks from the child: "What is that?"

 It`s also important that the teacher pronounce the letters in short way, for example: "a", "k", NOT "aa", "koo"! Because if the child learns, that "K" is "koo", it`s more difficult for him or her to learn to read after.

This seems to work with Z! Yesterday I used for that practise these new memory game cards.

This could be also a good way to teach Arabic letters too! I decided to start with Finnish letters and with Arabic I hope that Z learns step by step inshaaAllaah. Now he repeats Arabic letters "alif, ba, ta" a lot at home alhamdulillaah :)! And likes to play window color letters. Also from Youtube he often asks me to but some cartoon or nasheed about Arabic letters.

Thank You also my dear sister the idea to make an apple tea! And for beautiful pictures!  I`ve trink sweet apple tea in Turkey. I think that they made it from some kind of powder. I think Yours is more naturally!

Let`s continue our studies inshaaAllaah!



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