Friday, April 19, 2013

"Ba" for bayt-house

            Assalamu  alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh.

After dear sister Ummu Karim posts I'll thank her for good reminder and ideas mashaAllahu wa tabarak Jazaki Allah khair!

 I liked sister your plan for Circle time, yes very simple and very easy inshaAllah. It was my plan too, to do some easy Circle time for my Kids. Now I think i should to start for my little girl M too, she is also showing more interest for everything. Yes, she is little bit small, I'd like to choose for her easier and try not swich off her interest inshaAllah. She doesn't speak normal yet, she has still her own language. Some her words are normal but some are not. Her brother A also started to speak normally after 2 years old subhanAllah.
But mashaAllah both of them understand well alhamdulillah. Thats way i think , I can start step by step inshaAllah bi'iznillahi wa Ta'ala.

You sister mashaAllah faster , already have done your simple Circle time. Barakallahu feeki your second reminder for me it's color science experiment. I have planed it too but didn't know when I can add. Jazaki Allah khair again. We'll soon try it inshaAllah . Here good cartoon just for this experiment in Arabic, today we watched it.

And I loved your painting with marbles, it's very interesting, inshaAllah kids'll have fun time from that kind of things.

Alhamdulillah A already learned some colors in Arabic not yet in Finnish. Today he by himself  has done this.

This coloring by number page is our math activity book in Russian. All colors name I translated from Russian to Arabic and A said their name for me in English or point that color correctly alhamdulillah.

The book cover.


Today our circle time started with singing Arabic weeks, Months and Arabic Alphabet song. For the weather we use  our wheel. Than  I prepared these cards. You asked me where I find them. With red color are from here and next are fom

I made for A these letters rom felt with card for new words.

He choose one and we together tried to read and make words.

Another Puzzle for Allah name, without examle.

Alhamdulillah he already knows how to write Allah words in English from practicing his name.

Another practice way to write.

UmmSara's Alifbo game.

My apologies, i don't know why some of my pictures are like head down).

M is coloring.

A is coloring.

My little girl fast and easily break more things that way, for paper dolls i was afraid  and immediately put them book cover film (Jazaki Allah khair for you sister UmmuKarim for nice idea) alhamdulillah easy, before i used scotch tape and it took me a lot of time and work. 
They are now stronger but without color, i forgot it.)

For "Bint" hijab I colored with M and we use red, pink and purple. A colored only one green after seeing us he also add other colors.)

This coloring sheet from here

And we started little bit to read, we have no book like for tajweed, that i made one book for reading.

My apologies again, A read this page easily alhamdulillah.

But in this page he read only harakat without letter.
InshaAllah this is begining , i think he'll understand and start to read bi'iznillahi wa ta'ala after more practice inshaAllah.

Now time for craft!!!
For M glueing activity.

For A lacing activity.
For cards hole i use this kind of  hole punch. We have only this at home.

It'll be good if we use this kind of hole punch.

But alhamdulillah we tried.

M starting.)

For holding roof we use straw.

M's "Baytun" ready i wanted add also letter ba hangin on straw and peeka boo from door, but i hadn't time. Maybe inshaAllah next.

A is  starting.


Another my idea it was much work so me A and M together have done it.))

We did mistake the sides are wrong(

No problem we put roof and it is looks like "Baytun"))) inshaAllah.

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