Saturday, April 13, 2013

Travel continues with alif

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh

Today Z wanted to start on the morning to play Mini Luko.

Here is a bigger picture from our yesterday`s play sheets:
I made for him also a new game. Here he should find pairs, not same kind of.
All correct, maaschaAllaah!

We also discovered that Algeria starts with Alif too! And since it`s Z`s dad`s home country, we studied more...



The puzzle was too big one for Z, but we did it together with older kids. Kids also played one game where they tried to find horses and were able to travel to Algeria...

And of course we needed flags... Z colored and cutted... (I find flag sheet from here:

... and then we window colored.

I`ve heard, that in Algerian flag green symbolises wealthy and ground and also islam`s paradise, white purity and peace, half moon the road muslims must go to enter the paradise, star with five antlers five pilars of islam and red colour the blood of the martyrs who fighted for freedom.
Our story time continued...

...and we played with our muslim paper dolls. They went to mosque and the dad made the adhan :).
We also studied some colours...
And sortied our cards etc. by themes "family", "colors" and "animals".

I used UmmuAbdillaah`s idea to show for the kids the different forms of Alif. We also made a hand for Alif, so that kids could remember that alif gives only his right hand.
I also wanted to make some flash cards, but we didn`t have material at home, so I have to leave that idea for a while...
I`ve been a little bit confused today. Week ends soon and I think that we need more time to internalize all these new words etc. In same time I would like to continue with Alif and can`t wait to start with Baa. Maybe this is only because this was our first week and I should learn were to focus and what kind of exercises are best for Z.


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