Monday, April 22, 2013

Ta week!

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh.

For Ta week we use basic our plan from here and we'll ladd inshaAllah some  new words and activities inshaAllah.

Today we started our "Ta" week alhamdulillah. At first we gave them some present for learning Weather word "Asif" and letter "Ba". We began our class with playing some sport game by learning way. Kids run and took from basket balls and came back and put balls to correct baskets. These balls was with letter they sorted them by letters.

The kids have done it very fast and I could not take more pictures)

Then we introduce new letter Ta with 3 formation.

After that A had little stomach problem than we stoped our class and gave them free playing time. After lunch we go outside alhamdulillah the weather was so nice sunny day. Now we can say Spring is coming to Finland!

After sister UmmuKarim  and Z went home, my kids go to bed for the rest and they fall asleep very fast alhamdulillah.

After that A felt better alhamdulillah and me to do for him shopping list for fun, he checked all list and helped us to do shop.

A practice letter.

He wrote all formation but i couldn't take pictures all them.

A and M playing with "Baloon".

Another science with baloons.

The baloon stuck on the wall subhaAllah. 
It was high kids couldn't reach and A shooted with other baloon and it came down.

 Opposite charges attract, so the negatively charged balloon is attracted to the more positive wall.         

When stomach problem go away A wants to do his "dars" alhamdulillah.

In the evening time he worked hard mashaAllah. Jazaki Allah sister Ummu Karim for window colors A already made letter "Ta". Window pen are so nice coloros to use mashaAllah.

He tried this also, inshaAllah we'll continue tomorrow with another ideas bi'iznillahi wa ta'alaa.

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