Friday, April 26, 2013

Home made puzzles

Today I made also two puzzles for Z. First one about our thema "crocodile".

I used PhotoFiltre 7 -image manipulation program, which can easily be loaded from here. It`s a free program. Then I saved a crocodile coloring picture which Z choosed from here . I opened the picture by PhotoFiltre 7 and went to "filter", then "stylize" and "puzzle". Really easy!

Then I printed the puzzle to carton and we colored it together with Z.

Then gather together!

Our carton should be a little bit thicker to easier gathering, but it`s also nice like that! (I was also awraid, how thick carton I could put to printer!)
I made also for Z a puzzle from the Kaba in the same way, but not cuttet it yet. The picture I found from here .

For the Kaba puzzle I made a bottle from jam bottle. I printed smaller picture from Kaba and clued it to bottle by kontakt plast. I already checket, that it`s big enough for the puzzle by using the crocodile puzzle already cutted.


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