Thursday, April 11, 2013

Alif week

                    Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh.

Ahlan wa sahlan wa marhaban! 

Weekly arabic lessons for preschools inshaAllah. Here what i collected for first week of arabic lesson.

1. For class:

 a) My Arabic coloring pages from here
 b) Learn to write the arabic letters  from here
 c) Numbers are fun colouring book from
 d) Arabic writing practice sheet from here

2. For homework:

 a) Lawwaniy wa uktubiy alhuruhul hijaiyyati from 
 b) Almiftahul likitabatil arabiyyat booklet - 3 from here
 c) Numbers are fun colourung book 2 from 

And some games and activities and puzzle etc.

  On Monday , we started our class with circle time little bit introduce them about seasons ,hijriy months, weeks  and weather in arabic-english and uzbek -finnish.

It is in 3 languages and we translated to finnish too. I used from these links arabic weather wheel from IBBseasons tags from Umm an-Numanislamic calendar ftom sister Talibiddeen Jr and idaes from sister UmmSara.

After, About letter Alif and 4 formation. Alif from the letters which don't give left hand and give right hand only for right side, this kind of letters are 6 in the arabic alphabet. And about 4 harakats sound not letters "Fatha-a","Kasra-i", "Dzamma-u" and opposite harakat "Sukun - sakta".

Here some pictures from Monday.

A&Z playing with play doh and try to make a letter Alif from here

Z hand paint letter Alif from here

A hand painting the same .

A hand painting arabic number from here

Z's  work.

Now time for worksheets for vocabulary with begining Alif. download arabic vocabulary worksheets

Z's first work, he needs little more practice because all these kind of activities are new for him. But alhamdulillah he understood and did good job.

Next vocabulary Allah's beautiful names.

Last matching words.

After that cutting the new words and stick on notebook with glue for alphabet vocabulary book inshaAllah.

Z's writing sheet.

A's writing sheet  from here

Whith this we finished our class, for some reason we had only 2 hours for lesson. I planed more games and craft for that day, but i have gone on for my kids like homework.

Arnab (rabbit) hat!

It was snowy day subhanaAllah!

Free  art  time. A loves jumping in puddle and all the time drowing pictures one boy jumping in puddle and many clouds with rain.

We spend time such like this on Monday alhamdulillah.

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