Friday, April 19, 2013

Nice games to learn to calculate and time

I yet wanted to introduce two games which we played yesterday. I think they are nice and educational in the same time!


At first the game called Halli Galli. The idea is simple: put cards on the table one by one. When find five same kinds of fruits or berries, should ring the bell. The first one who do that, get the cards and the winner is that who have most cards. This is planned for children over 6 years, but can be played also with Z when we play slowly and calculate cards together. My older kids love that game!




The second one is also nice! It`s called "Opetellaan kellonajat", it means that "Let`s learn the time". This is planned for kids over 4 years. Z can`t yet a time, but he is really interested about it and often asks me: "What time is it?". The idea of the game is that there are game boards for every player. Then the adult or older child (who knows time) take cards one by one and tells the time in the card. The player in whose board exists the time gets the card and puts it in the correct place on the board. The winner is that who has the board full of the cards first. For Z it`s nice to try to find same kinds ofs from the pictures.

I´ve buyed the games from second hand, but I think that these could be find from many toy stories.
Today I was so happy, when I heard from S´s room how she and Z played Arabic school! S taught for example colors in Arabic for Z. They used flash card apps to help. Normally they speak Finnish together since it`s their mother tongue, but with their dad they speak also (Algerian) Arabic. But especially Z needs more vocabulary! I think that for him now the most important think to learn are words in Arabic and I`ve decided to focus on the words. Alhamdulillaah he is interested to learn words!  
I`ve also decided that now in the weekend we don`t study new things. Now we should review all the new words again and again inshaaAllaah! Also for next week I think that I take only few new words: my next week seems to be really busy and I also think that now it`s time to practice the new words!
Have a nice weekend inshaaAllaah!

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