Wednesday, April 24, 2013

An apple in another way

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh.

This week our plan for time table is:

On the morning:
1. morming circle
2. small lesson, for example work sheets, pre school book, new Arabic words or reading about our theme of the week
3. Z plays educational games by himself.

On the afternoon some activities which doesn`t need so much concentration, like
play doh
story books
playing together

And some small works at home (like helping in the kitchen etc.) and outside activities every day too.

I think this is good program for us inshaaAllaah.

I think that from here I try to introduce in our blog only our new ideas and new materials, which I have not write about before inshaaAllaah. This saves time and maybe makes the posts also more interesting inshaaAllaah.

Today we continued our thema "an apple". In this time Z sewed it. This is his first time to try some activities like that and I was suprise how easily he learnt how to sew maaschaAllaah!

I made the picture first. I find the picture of the apple from  here . I glued it to thin carton and made some points on the lines. I opened the points with needle so that holes were ready to sew. Z used thicker and duller needle than normally and I supervised him ofcourse all the time.



We also made some clocks with the children, because Z is so interested to learn time. I try to see which kind of themes interests Z and then give these kind of activities for him inshaaAllaah. I planned also a clock for S to learn afternoon digital time (for example 14.45 etc.).



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