Sunday, April 14, 2013

Fast tip for flash cards and this week`s last arnab

At first thank You also for really nice ideas Ummu Abdillaahi! MaaschaAllaah! I think that we too can learn a lot from each other and get new ideas inshaaAllaah!

I mentioned in my last post that I wanted to make Arabic flash cards for Z, but we didn`t have materials at home. I`ve already gave my older kids`s ones for another kids... But yesterday I got idea; maybe I could find something from apps and I did. I find from my Samsung tablet`s play shop some free apps. I think this was the best for Z with many nice themes. I think I leave instruments theme, but use the others inshaaAllaah.

For example some alif flash cards for this week:


I loaded also Tiny Tapps`s free Arabic flash cards, but I liked more the first one!

So I decided that I don`t make or buy flash cards now to save my time and also maybe some money. Positive things in these kind of cards:
+ In the first one there are also sounds; for example animals`s sounds and pronouncing the words. For me it`s difficult to pronounce some Arabic letters corretly and at home I often ask help from my husband - now apps help me. Z is interested in animals`s sounds and nice pictures!
+ Z loves to play with the tablet, now he can learn in the same time.
+ If we move, inshaaAllaah, my flash cards move with the tablet - I don`t have to carry anything extra.
+Saving money and time.
Negative things:
-Now we can`t play with flash cards. (But I desided that I try to find toys and another cards from another games for playing time inshaaAllaah.)
So, dear sisters, check your apps - maybe you can find some usefull ones!
For snack time I made some baking with Z and his older sister S. We made butterflies etc., but Z wanted to do (suprise, suprise) arnab...


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