Friday, April 12, 2013

Our "Alif week"

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh

I think that first I should introduce myself. I`m UmmuKarim, Finnish muslim and a mother for four children aged 8months-11years. In these blog I work mostly with my 3 years old son Z. We speak at home Finnish and (Algerian) Arabic. We have not yet done together with Z a lots of work sheets, except colouring pages and some simple ones, so these kind of working is something new for Z. (until these we have learnt more by playing), but he has now started to be interested in letters and numbers, so I think that now it`s good time to start with him! I also hope for him nice time with muslim friends in our play club inshaaAllaah!

I already apologize that I`ve forgot some English since I lived in Germany, but I hope You`ll still can understand me... I think it would be best to write in English, because we use English when speak with UmmuAbdillah.

We started our club on Monday. UmmuAbdillah had plan a really nice first time for us with many activities maaschaAllaah! We started with her selfmade calendar. I use at home this kind of calendar to teach for Z days, months etc. in Finnish.

Now I think I should add Arabic words some how with the help of UmmuAbdillah`s link or use Arabic words next to Finnish. InshaaAllaah I find time to do that soon!

Our Alif week didn`t start so effectively I hoped; I`ve been a little bit sick and quite busy, but alhamdulillaah we have made some exercises... So what we have been done...?

... mostly we`ve been playing with letter alif and words starting with alif.

We made alif with window colours. At first I made lines with black colour. I used Z`s alif work sheet as a model; it was under the plastic film and in that way it was really easy to draw the lines. In these way can draw also more difficult pictures. After that we letted lines to dry and made some another exercises. When dried Z colored it. Again we let it dry. When it`s ready it can take off from plastic film and put on the window or fridge and can also easily remove and use again and again. Z loved that!

Z cutted pictures which first letter is alif and clued them to his book. After we attached also some other words. I tried also find for him some new vocabulary. The second sheet I finded from here: .

Z tried to find different kinds of alifs from the sheet UmmuAbdillah gave for him on Monday.
He also colored alif-sheet and made some alifs, but didn`t want to continue for all of them. I didn`t want to press him too much, because I think that learning should be fun - especially for these small ones. Maybe we`ll continue next time inshaaAllaah.
I made cards from our main alif words: "Adam", "asad" and "arnab" - double for all of them. I didn`t find cardboard from home, so I used thick blanket. Now the cards are soft, but maybe not really strong... Z practiced to find same kind of the pictures and we also practiced the words.

Then we played KIM play with the cards: I put three cards on the table. Z closed his eyes and I took one card away. He tryed to remember, which card I took away. He liked also hide the cards. I think it was good to start only with three cards, because these words were also new ones for Z. After we can add more cards inshaaAllaah.

I already made for Z these kind of game from Finnish words. I used the covers from baby food bottles. It can be used as a memory game or as KIM play or just trying to find pairs (picture+letter).
Now I try to do same kind of with Arabic words and letters inshaaAllaah and I started with alif.

Allaah`s names I cutted also as a cards and clued small magnets behind them. Then I made a hook and line with magnet. We put cards on small box and Z tried to fish them. It was fun! I read the names for him and he tried to find pairs. It was still a challenge for him.

We made some pitchers from modelling material and painted them.

Z practiced to write his name in Arabic with the help of spots.

Arnab seemed to be his favorite of these week, so he made different kinds of rabbits :).

I also made a Miniluko game from the words. I draw one sheet and then copy it - now it`s fast to do new sheets inshaaAllaah. Z. loved that game also. Again he tried to find same kind of pictures, letters or words. I used Miniluko book to check in which places I should put the pictures to get correct answer when ready. I also added numbers to the pictures after tried to play one time without them.

We also made islamic paper dolls.I find them from here: . I made dad and mum bigger than the kids. I also draw a beard for a dad. I wanted to teach with them Arabic words "dad", "mum", "brother" and "sister" - all of them begin with alif. I also wanted to practise sentences like "My mum`s name is...", "My dad`s name is...", "What`s Your mum`s name?" in Arabic. Z helped me to colour some of the clothes - this daddy has now a quite colorful clothes - as You can see :)!

We also read some stories about Allaah and Adam from this Finnish book:

And swatched a story about Adam in Arabic from Youtube. Z liked especially this one: .
And also cartoons about letters. He liked this with bubbles: . Maybe because in last time they made bubbles with Abdullaah :)!

Now we should practise these all again and again inshaaAllaah before next week! Z already waits to meet A again!

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