Monday, April 22, 2013

Our plan of this week

We met today with Ummu Abdillaahi and the kids. It was so nice to meet! Thank You again for this beautiful golden colored pinwheel! It rotated a lot in a way back home! Z told me that it looks like a star!

I made some new games for this week. At first a really simple counting game. I made it again from the covers of baby bottles. I glued the covers to strong carton and added numbers 1-5. The idea is that the child should but as many pearls to the covers as the number says, 1 to first one, 2 to second one etc. Z loved that game, but I had to supervise that baby I could not take the pearls! In this time I used Finnish numbers, but maybe after we play with Arabic ones.

Then he tried with Lego blocks and made towers. It was nice too and easier for me to supervise since Lego blocks doesn`t jump and roll like pearls! Blocks should be same sizes and the same color would also be helpful.

I think that a cupcake casserole with 12 holes would be also useful for this kind of game. The numbers between 1-12 could put to the holes and easy remove after the game.

From the sheets I made for Mini Luko game I made a small book. I used old file folder and kontakt plast to make the sheets stronger. Now Z can play my games easier alone. It`s also easy to add the sheets! I think that I should put kontakt plast also for my normal Mini Luko books!

I made more letters by window colors, but I should make little bigger ones. Z and S like to take them and put to another places. Sometimes they are on the wall, sometimes on the window...

On this week I don`t take many new words in Arabic. I think that we learn only "an apple" and "a crocodile" and maybe we learn some basic things about tawhid, like Ummu Abdillaahi proposed. There are two main reasons for that:
at first I think that there has been too many new words and things for Z in a short time and he hasn`t internalize them yet and that`s why I think we have to practise them again and again.
The second reason is that my week seems to be so busy with another tasks.
InshaaAllaah we use this week in usefull way!
For this week`s first morning circle I cutted a small crocodile to wait into small basket. There are also an egg of the crocodile. I think that it would be interesting for Z. I also think that we could study a little bit more about crocodiles in this week inshaaAllaah and make a crocodile paper doll inshaaAllaah. And some apples too!

I`ve also thought that I should give for Z more responsibilities at home. He likes for example to vacuum and help to wash the clothes by maschine. Now I let him to feet the fishes. But of course in my supervision! It`s dangerous for the fishes to get too much food!

In these week I also try a new method inshaaAllaah. After morning circle I leave a couple of educational games and toys on our temporary morning circle table in the level where baby I can`t take them and only the games which are not dangerous for baby I, even if they fall on the floor! (NOT for example any pearls!) I use for example the games and toys like:
Mini Luko
Opetellaan kellonajat (Let`s learn the time) (when Z plays alone, he can try to find the same kinds of)
Paper dolls
And I try to do more games too inshaaAllaah!
I hope that Z chooses the game or toy, which he likes and make it by himself on the bigger table and after that brings it back on the smaller table. Then he can take the second one etc. It would be nice to have a small book shelf to put all these kinds of toys and games, but now we make some shake-up at home, so we have not a lots of place for something like that. That`s why I try this idea on that way...

I put also some toys for Baby I on the under level of our table. There he can take the save toys for himself. Nowdays he wants to do same kind of things than Z subhaanAllaah! S already noticed that baby I likes to take soft vegetables out from the basket and put them back to the basket. Sometimes I think that S is a naturally teacher maaschaAllaah!

InshaaAllaah we all have an educational and fun week!




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