Wednesday, April 17, 2013

still "Ba"

  Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh.

We played with colors again and sorted A's cars.

They played play doh and i made for them 4 formations letter Ba.

A tried to make Ba).

Story time, we read these books, they are from liblary.

We find the words which we learned.

"Man il wahid" about alone Bear who wants to play with his friends, finally she finds how to spend her time and has a fun.)

"Baqi Zahra" is very good book, it'll be introduce different profession in arabic and counting flowers which this girl gift  for everyone.

Next A finding thing what doesn't belong in each room, from Umm an Numan's islamic series book.

He only find it not color yet. This kind of activites A's favorite.

And math for number "Ithnan".

This activites can be download from here.

A's sister M about 20 months old and she also learns with A together.

She tried to write Alif.  Her one of  first  word was "Darsun", but she use it to sit !)))

Alhamdulillah we read book Bayti. I think , i should make them dolls like sister UmmuKarim for more practising words "Abi"," Ummi", "Akhi" and "Ukhti" inshaAllah.

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