Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Ta for tuffaha (an apple)

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatulahi wa barakatuh.

Yesterday A had sore throat and was little weak. But alhamdulillah when he was feeling himself well he tried to do something with sister M.

First acrivity is lacing.

 Apple tree for M.

For A-

Now ready, she has 5 apple beads.

A started but didn't want to finish because of the weakness.

A rolling mat.

M trying to roll.

Then they took away. I have not also special shelf for ready work baskets i only prepare before for daily class inshaAllah. Now time I think, i can not use ready work baskets because M still plays and takes all things on the floor and makes mess.

Another activity from sister Umm an-Numan Islamic Apple Activities for Fall

M is sorting.

A sorted.

Finding diffrents activity.

Counting "Wahid", "Ithnan" and "Thalatha" for M

Counting for A in english-uzbek. 1-15.

We also played other activity cards and puzzles but today i want to share all about our Apple -Tuffaha theme  

At last we add sister Ummu Karim's ready felt leaf, jazakiAllah khair for sharing her beautiful apple craft. I thought you sister can use it like mobile for baby I inshaAllah too.)))
We couldn't finish yet, maybe i'll finish by myself inshaAllah.

M's work.

After letter "ta" she wrote Alif with lots of dots)))

Jazaki Allah khair sister Ummu Karim again, kids try your paint.

We have this from and we tried it again for apple .

Ready! Not finished.)


Today ( on wednesday) we tried apple craft like this;

And half cutted. A wants hanging too after Z's apple.

A told me this apple looks like to flower )))  than first .

For story time it' ll be good if we have this book Allah Created Apples by sister Umm an-Numan. We only did activities from here.

A forgot to write number 2, when he was 2 years old he always wrote it, now I help him.

Today inshaAllah we'll read book "Yahya l Adlu" "Long live Justice" from I fond this link a long time ago from sister UmmuMaimoonah's blog. Now this site is not working. I download only one book but from sister Umm anNuman's blog you can find also inshaAllah, here without translation.

Apple tea- when I was small my Mom made me a lot time apple tea Jazaki Allah khair to you Mom).

This is my first time to make apple tea for my kids.

Clean apple.

Use grater for good taste.

Add sugar
Any kind of hot tea.

Kids can drink with straw.

Or with spoon inshaAllah.

They' d like drink without apple's chunk. Next time i should put apple piece into teapot filter, then they'll drink easy inshaAllah.

We learned how Allah give us apple, from seed to the tree. We wached videos from

Alhamdulillah we'll continue with another theme for letter too inshaAllah.

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