Sunday, April 21, 2013

In the weekend.

             Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh.

Kids spent our weekend with their Dad, played with him, walked outside with him and went to Masjid with him alhamdulillah.

They play hide and seek, some counting activity with fingers for example, dad shows in right hand 3fingers and in left hand 2 fingers and asks from kids which of them 3 or 2 etc.

A played with his soft fruits and vegetables toys and cook some food for his dad)). When he was playing, i asked him some names which we learned and he show me alhamdulillah.

And we ate "Batih". This picture old.

In our contry watermelons  are soo sweet and big than this. But Alhamdulillah we have this too.

Again colors and we did same kind of works as sister UmmuKarim.

Color science experiment .

M's experiment)).

Their report sheets.

Again M's experiment with hand paint.

Sister UmmuKarim's idea. We have not marble too we use 2kind of balls.

We can see how balls color are changed too).

Another playing activity numbers and colors.

M's sorting colors.

M practice with pom poms.

With A we read  book "Bayti" he liked it. Other books which we planed haven't finished yet.
InshaAllah maybe next time when the kids more active.

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