Sunday, June 16, 2013

Letter Ra and Za

                Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh.

SubhanaAllah, already this week is ending and starting new. I didn't finish my last week post, already passed this week too. Sometimes i think how i am soo slowly or time sooooo fast subhanaAllahi wa bihamdik subhanaAllahil a'zim.

 I remembered one poem about time, it is in Uzbek but inshaAllah i'll try my best to translate it. (My english not so well, but I'll try inshaallah. Please let me know to correct my mistakes.Thanks.)

Kutganda waqt o'tmasligi juda qiziq,
Shoshilganda yetmasligi juda qiziq.
Inson waqtni kutgan bilan,
Waqt insonni kutmasligi juda qiziq.

When you are waiting, the time isn't pass fast, it is interesting,
When you are hurry it is not enough, it is interesting.
If mankind will wait the time,
The time is never waits him, it is interesting.

So, what we did in this week, let me show you bi'iznillahi wa ta'ala.

Ra for "Raqam" in plural "Arqaam".

Me with A cut all his numbers and pasted to cards. Counting, this time for A was this kind of way first.

Alhamdulillah he understood.

A's flower.

For numbers other game.

Matching numbers.

All done, barakallah!


Then counting from 10 to 1.

For letter Za , Zakah box.

We covered it.

Then decorated .

This is back side.

Za for Zahra-flower!

This kind of tulip from my childhood. From here you can find all steps of making tulip inshaAllah.

My flower biscuits!

We read this istorybook, it is very educational.

This weekend we were in Helsinki Zoo, It is my and kids first time to visit here.

Alhamdulillah we saw a lot of animals, A's favorite was insects)

InshaAllah to be continued.


  1. Assalaamualaikum

    I wanted to add here some information about the zoo. There are every year one day free to visit the zoo. Maybe some readers would like to use the possibility :). I was there last year with Z and baby I on that day. The only bad thing was that zoo buss was full of people on that day :)! Alhamdulillaah me and Z like to walk. He was already last year, as an age about 2,5 years able to walk from metro to zoo alhamdulillaah! And we also walked a lot at zoo too :)!

    In this year free day called Korkeasaaripäivä is 4.10.2013 inshaaAllaah. I think that for example cat animals, like lions, are more active on that time than sunny summer days. Lion and tiger were Z`s favorites!

    More information can find from here:

  2. And Your flower biscuits are really beautiful!

  3. Thank you sister, here you can find the recipe If you have some question or need to translate feel free ask, i'll help you inshaAllah