Tuesday, June 11, 2013

our Daal and Zaal(Dhel/thaal) week.

                    Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh.
Alhamdulillah already new week is starting. I'd like to post our last week info before starting about new week inshaAllah.

M trying to write letter Daal

Making letters from sraws

Here how looks like our Australian animals from this theme .

For theme "Dawlah" we use from http://www.crayola.com/

Finding maps from the world map.

Using A's dad old cards.

I helped to drow moon and stars.

Flags are ready.

For good standing i used lid of yogurt drink bottle.

Matching flags.

The map of Uzbekistan.

It seems we have the same books like Ummu Karim from Lidl.))

A also liked "Luonto" book of nature and started with him. "Päättelytehtäviä" I gave to M because she also wanted to do activity like her bro. InshaAllah they can share together.

They colored together.

A's work.

M's mathing coloring activity.

Once I made for A puzzle of Continent from cardboard.

This time they played again to learn contries and continents.

And other my felt map matching game.

And People around the world magnetic  map board.

I wanted more to teach A about Uzbekistan but this time we hadn't more time, maybe inshaAllah we'll continue our geography next time bi'iznillahi wa ta'ala.

For theme "Deen" we mostly spoke about Islam and I made letters for question and answer. 

A making words.

For this week it'll be nice to learn else about Dua and Zikir just for letters Dal and Zal inshaAllah.
Here you can find good book for Zikir-Azkar from ahttp://amuslimchildisborn.blogspot.fi/.

That week alhamdulillah the weather was so nice and we were more in outside.


We walked in beautiful places and went to Seurasaari.

Time for Zuhur!

We saw old buildings.

Inside the museum shop.


A lot of ducks and gooses and one Swan.

That week our neighbour sister Ummu Maryam's new baby born. Small hadiyya for her baby:

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