Thursday, June 13, 2013

Our small steps

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh.

This week didn`t start as I`ve planned. I wanted to go to the sister`s meeting to the park on Monday, but S was sick on that morning and her dad was abroad. S has little funny teeth: for her permanent teeth tries to come out before milk teeth are going away! SubhaanAllaah! And this time it made infection for her. Alhamdulillaah we had on that morning appointment for a doctor for another reason and in the same time I asked her, should that tooth take away directly and she said that it should, because it`s infected. So we had to go direct to the dentist and she took two milk teeth away. Alhamdulillaah now it`s ok! But on that day S was really tired, because they gave for her medicine and local anesthesia etc.

Now we have started our studies by small steps... Here are some of our activities of this week...

For math... This is a nice toy for learning 1/2, 1/3, 1/4 etc.

and this for numbers and shape triangle.

For thema "deen" I found again good material from book "Salam - islamin polku 1-2". So in this week, we continued some themes from last week and also started some new ones.

About Ramadan from same book.

And for our thema "Dawlah" too! This story is nice, because it tells about muslim children who are from different countries! Just like in our club :)!

We also spoke about "Zakat" with kids, but I didn`t make a really big thema about that on this time, because we`ve planned to take "Five pillars of islam" as our thema on Ramadan inshaaAllaah.
Our experipent of this week: volcano! This volcano could be done for example from clay, but this time we didn`t have lots of time for that and my main target on this time was to demonstrate volcanic eruption. Our volcano is a big baby food bottle covered by black tape and foil. I put inside the volcano water, washing-up liquid and soda. Then I put the volcano to the bath room and Z added vinegar inside the volcano.


 Volcanic eruption started...

again and again until we didn`t have vinegar anymore :).

I told for Z that from real volcano there comes hot lava from the volcano. I think that now he remembers that better than if he only read that from the book.
For thema flowers I remembered one idea we saw in France. S was able to go to French kindergarten with her cousin as a visit for one day. There kids made flowers from coffee filter bags and straws. They colored filter bags with water colors and attached to straws. They were really beutiful. I`ve already packed or gived away lots of our colors etc., so we couldn`t color by water colors, but used inks. We didn`t have straws either, so we used sticks. S made also a butterfly and today kids made theater with them for me :).
Today it was K`s turn to help me to do Italian style pizza
  and S`s turn to help to do a mud cake. We ate it with custard.

Z went to mosque to pray with his dad. They drove there by bicycles.
InshaaAllaah we`ll continue our studies...




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