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             Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh.
My apologize for late our report for 2 weeks, Ha and Kha letters weeks end and new revision week.

In revision week we only continue our theme of animals and water cycle which we started in last week.

We didn't  do more as i planned but alhamdulillah we learned  some.

Here what we did inshaAllah.

Letter kha is A's and ha is M's, first they made by play doh and then colored.


M's . Picture taken by A.)

A with M.

Here how we sorted animals by Halal and Haram grade. This time we didn't sort all cards, A only sort best for fim known animals. Before we sorted all cards from and we had 3 level halal , haram wich I learned about them from this book (it is in russian only) and unknown for me.

And I wanted sorting game by habitats. This idea came me from here. I made only 3, for farm animals, African animals and Australian animals. But also can be play this sorting game with world map and put animals figurines on it inshaAllah. For example Panda in Chine (Asia) Penguin in Antarctica etc.

I cut all kids help me with gluing.

A painted.

I added trees for Giraffe and Coala and lake for Hippopotamus.

We have not Australian animals i found cards from

I printed them , this time i didn't want cards thats i prepared some egg carton for using them made animals to stand inshaAllah. Kids'll cut and glue to carton inshaAllah.

Alhamdulillah this week and last week we read a lot of animals books.

Books from last week.

These were best for us. 

These are for this week.

These 2 in Finnish for M

This is so nice for learning animals habitats and good for math too, alhamdulillah.

In side the book.

Every numbers under the animals tell you how many that kind of animlas you must spot from pictures.

And some puzzles!

Also sometimes we play with A sorting animals by food for example, Cow eats grasses  and Dog eats meat etc.
And sorting by numbers legs, for example Horse , Donkey have 4 legs and Hen , Bird have 2 legs etc.

For  ocean animals A plays only puzzle.

Last week was mostly rainy thats why I chose anoter theme rain and water cycle and we did some experiment. 

It was also good for story Prophet Nuh alaihis salam, because there is also rain, but bad rain for kuffar astagfirullah Allahummasta'ana.

This picture old, A played his toys after learning about Nuh alaihis salam story when he was 2 alhamdulillah.

Ok what we did first we read book this book many times, it was A's favorite.

A's favorite was also umbrella!

Activities from here.

Dua for this theme from here.

Our experimenting , heating 2 pans, 1 of them with water and other without.

Then I add water.

Then we use cotton balls to cover bailing pan.

The water in the black pan starting to become little.

We can see evaporation, all steam had gone into the air. I explained to A like this all water after rainfall go to the air inshaAllah.

We can see steam here too.

A tried to feel wet here.

We opened next pan.

A touched .

For more interesting let him paly with his own rain in next time)

A liked experimenting.

Then we tried this, boiled water.

Example for precipitation.

I prepared some craft for kids.

Easy craft for kids.

Also can be useful sister Umm an Numan's File folder game.

 From Sister Ummu Kareem's clay we made this one kids help me, jazaki Allah khair sister. 1 form and 1dot can be use for making 3 letters mashaAllah , how Allah made arabic letters easy to learn subhanaAllah.

For letter KHA we learned new words asmaul husna "al Khaliq".
 Allah Khaliq kullu shay, Allah khalaq matar. And another one" Khubz" bread.
This is montessori cards, they are so nice for our theme too. Where things come from.

A likes story books, from app istorybooks we read more time "Little red Hen". It is also good for bread theme, kids'll understand how not easy to make bread inshaAllah.

When I'm making bread A helps me.

A's bread).

Playing in outdoor.

I drew 2 Ha and Kha houses. A had to jump to correct house when I pronounce words with ha or kha.

Giving star if he done correctly.

If he did incorrect we take away one star.

In the end of the game we count all correct answers, if he has more corrects then incorrects so he is winner.

I drew road too.

A practicing to ride.

In revision week we went some places where some water how A says.)

And we were in Suomenlinna.

We saw one bid ship.

Alhamdulillah now good summer time starting!

At home A made his big ship from lego.

He made 2 but i only took 1 picture.

Alhamdulillah like this we spent our 2 weeks.

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