Saturday, June 22, 2013

letter Siin and Shiin

                            Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh.

At first I'd like to writelittle bit  about our plan for Ramadan with sister Ummu Karim inshaAllah. In Ramdan time we don't want add new Letters. Last time we learnt with 2 letters in one week, I think it is not enough to learn 2 diffrent letters in 1 week. But we did it because in Ramadan we'll not spend time more for them inshaAllah.

We'll take "5 pillars in Islam "  like basic theme inshaAllah. And we can review during Ramadan all our letters with themes inshaAllah.

InshaAllah I'll write all about these next time too.

Here our this week's works.

Kids together doing their activties in Leikipuisto.

A sharing his umbrella with his friend Z! Alhamdulillah mashaAllah.

How sister Ummu Karim already wrote that we started at the park new Letters Siin for Samaka-fish and Sheen for Shams-sun, and kids started simple activities and we finished at home.

Kids playing and fishing.

This kind of fishing set is little difficult than magnetic, but it is good for more concentration and learning more inshaAllah.

And reading  this story book from istorybooks.

And today we go for fishing. It was my first fishing and caught 3 fishs)). The fisrt was so small, than medium than little bigger.

M is touching the smallest)).

Our neighbour sister Ummu Maryam's basbusa.


I didn't eat basbusa before, it is so yum-yum mashaAllah.

InshaAllah to be continued.


  1. AsSalaamuAlaykum sister

    Fishing is so nice - I fished a lot when I was small! And K likes to go fishing with dad.

    In Algeria they make also Basbusa! It`s really goog!

  2. And umbrella picture is so cute :).