Tuesday, June 18, 2013

New week starts with "Siin" and "Shiin"

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh.

Do You know Ummi Abdillaahi, that we say also in Finland that "Odottavan aika on pitkä", it means, that when You wait something, it feels like time is going slowly :). Sometimes it suprises me, how there are same kind of poems, foods, games etc. in the different countries, subhaanAllaah!

Yesterday we met again in the park with sisters and kids, now there were three sisters and five kids maaschaAllaah! Sister Ummu Abdillaah had made for us a nice plan. Thank You for that! Baby Ismail loved to swing in the park when we waited the other sisters for a while! At home he was really tired and slept a long time :)! Z likes nowdays to practise to drive by scooter and he drove to the park yesterday and to the library today :).

At park kids made a sun from play doh and straws and ice cream sticks. It was fun!

At home we made also a tree. The model is Z`s hand. It would be better as painted, but I`ve already but our paints away. I`ve done before trees in another way: painted a big tree first and then kids painted their hands as leaves. By hand can paint many things. I`ll show some of our works after inshaaAllaah!

They also practised letters. One sheet made at park, another at home. When Z concentrates, he makes quite well letters, but when he doesn`t concentrate, he starts to do them messy. At park first letters were well done, but then one instructor of the park said that everyone should go out after ten minutes for lunch, so Z started to do the another ones in hurry.

At the park Z started also this work sheet. We finished it at home. For this I have to add that sisters, please don`t keep fish in this kind of bowls! This model is not good for fish and without proper equipments it can be torture for fish! Traditionally in these kind of bowls keeped gold fish, whose normally need a really big aquariums! It makes me sad and that`s why I wanted to add this information here too :)! In Finland it`s illegal to keep fish in too small aquariums! But back to this exercise :) - it was meant for practising colors.

About thema "fish" I wanted to add some fish we`ve made before with kids.

This fish`s body is made from three heart shapes.

This is made by hama pearls and ironed between wax paper.

These are painted by hand.

More "hand animals"...

Our aquarium made from box.

S`s first lap book about fish and another sea life. We made it when S was maybe about seven years. This is really home made. We didn`t use any ready lap book materials. We used instead old aquarium maqazines, old pictures, stickers etc. Some pictures S took by herself from our aquarium. Some of them are from our travel in Istanbul`s dolphinarium and Sea life in Germany. (I took kids`faces away.) Lap booking is a really nice way to learn! We spend many nice moments to make this one!



Our play doh letters. Thank You Ummu Abdillaahi for work sheets!



Some exercises... This is from Teddy bear`s pre school book. There should find the biggest and the smallest one from the bubbles.


From Lidl`s book. This didn`t interest Z, as you can see :). Or maybe it was too difficult for him? There should be drawn more fish and plants.

From Lidl`s book too. This one he liked.

One nice place to visit with kids to learn more about fish, is Sea life. We have been there so many times, that in this week we probably don`t go, but I can recommend it! Already really small kids enjoy that!
Today I was in the library with all kids. I found some nice books for Ramadan. One is in English, but I thought that I could translate or explain it for Z inshaaAllaah. The lack of Finnish childrens` books about Islam in Finnish is huge! From Iqra can find something, but mostly for adults.



About Eid. This is about Eid al-Adha, but I took it anyway.

This is nice for K and S, but too difficult for Z.

My husband started today to read these for the kids.


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