Thursday, June 6, 2013

Keep on going - slowly but surely...


Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh.

We had really nice time in the park Mustapuro with sisters and children alhamdulillaah. You can find more information about the park from here and the summer menu from here.

We have studied in this week some things about themes "deen", "duaa" and "dunya" Alhamdulillaah. For example "Maa deenuk?", "Deeniy al Islam". These are really important themes!

At home kids continued to play police. We made roads for them with road signs. Z liked to stick them! (This blue line should not be there, but kids didn`t want to wait, that I put it in the correct way ;).)


I taught for Z how to use a pipette. I colored some water and he moved it from bottle to another by using a pipette. This was his first time to do this! These pipettes would be also really good for mixing colors etc., but in this time we made only this kind of simply exercise.

I found a really nice book for Z from Lidl!  Price was also nice! There were many different kinds of books, but in this time I choosed this one, which theme is "nature".
There are so many things we`re already studied about. For example about seasons (especially about summer)...

... bees...

... trees and leaves...

...chickens... (this was especially nice, because sister Ummu Maryam just read for us a story about chicken in Arabic in the park!)
...products we get from animals...
and many others.
We found also some new themes, which were nice for our thema "Dawlah": we studied that in some countries there are desert...

... and in some another ones there are vulcanos! SubhaanAllaah!

We started also a new note book with Z. We used S`s old work sheets from school, Papunet`s resources etc.

We studied some things about birds.

We studied also some road signs, because Z seemed to be interested in them (I think mainly because of playing police!) and trees and leaves.

And about summer. Z wrote "kesä" ("summer") by dots.

For thema "Dawlah" coloring and writing by dots.

Z got also a new Teddy bear`s pre school book. It`s already a third one.

S started to study gardening in this week. She brought for me some rhubarbs and I made a pie from them :)!

Today we`ll have pizza inshaaAllaah. The picture is from the pizza I made before - now we have same kind of in the oven. I put on it this kind of cucumber salad.

Have a nice weekend inshaaAllaah!


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