Thursday, May 23, 2013

Z`s week with Ha and Kha

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh.

In this week we haven`t done so much exercises I hoped, because of the remont at the home. We`ve using lots of time by moving furniture, cleaning and packing. SubhaanAllaah, how fast time goes! It`s already Thursday!

Our main theme in this week has been "haywanat" - animals, one of my favorite themes! We have studied about animals before too, so some of our studies have been like revision for those words and things. We`ve used for example books "Arabic Letters: 28 Letters" and "Book 1: Animals" from here and Aboo Ibraaheem Haroon Bin Saajidur-Rahmaan`s book "Let us Learn the Qur`aan, The book of animals".

At first we cutted a picture about farm and glued it to a carton. Then cutted also "the plan map" I made for Z for the visit to Fallkulla. We glued animals to the farm and re-studied names in Arabic.

Then we had some exercises by play doh...

Apps for ha and kha. We also saw all the apps about animals. These apps help me a lot, because these are not only pictures, the maschine also pronounce words! And for animals there are sounds! For me it`s good because I have difficulties to pronounce some Arabic letters correct (even I have practise them before and tried to practise again and again in this week) and I`m afraid that I teach words for Z in wrong way.

I used also the book I made for Z before. There are pets, farm animals, Finnish wild animals and another wild animals in own sections.

About halaal and haraam animals to eat, we took only one example: a pig. We saw pigs on the farm Fallkulla and Z saw how dirty they are!
I letted Z to choose one animal from the book and he choosed a whale.

I wrote a whale in Finnish (valas) to a paper and we made it by play doh. Then Z wrote it by his wooden letters. Well done!

For math I cutted small sheeps and told for Z that sheeps come to eat and there are food for sheeps, for one in the first cover, for two in the second etc. Z putted right amount of sheeps to every cover.

Then we used Arabic numbers on covers.

Well done! I cutted sheeps as many as needed for every cover. In that way child sees easily, if there are mistakes.

I`ve putted Z`s works to one folder and he already has a quite thick one :)!

Today we had also the day for cleaning aquarium. Since it`s only about 100l, it should be cleaned once a week. I have explained for the kids that aquarium is a home for fishes and it`s our responsibility to take good care of it! When I was small I lived in the countryside and we had animals at home, for example cat, sheeps and rabbits and I liked to take care of them! In the city it`s difficult to keep animals and that`s why we have only fishes. K can already clean aquarium by himself maaschaAllaah, but also S and Z like to help! There are some pictures about the process:

At first take electricity off !!! Then taking some old water and rubbish away from the aquarium. It`s like a vacuum, but made special for aquarium.


Cleaning the class. And check the plants.

Taking new water by sower. Here K showes how.


Add some water conditioner to new water. It makes water crystal clear.
Add new water to aquarium carefully. Then electricity on again!

These yellow ones are our favorites!


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