Friday, May 3, 2013

Some reading and writing activities

   Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh.

Yesterday we started new theme for "Tha" tha'lab, but not yet we finished. A repeated colors in Finnish and helped me to clean home with vacoom cleaner alhamdulillah. SubhanaAllah it seems we learned the same theme the same time with sister Ummu Karim, mashaAllah!).
Here what we learned with A.

M's work.

 We finished this book.

I made 3 card with harakat for A  to read the letter with them.

Again A started to read only harakat, if i show for him letter "thu" he read it "U,"  "Thi" "I" like this. Than I changed my teaching way, and started to ask A show me letters which I say. So when I said "Tha" he find and point letter "tha" and etc. InshaAllah after more practice I'll add other letters and change cards diffrent place and He'll try to read.

Today for more fun and learning I made for kids 4 formation of letters without dots. And I asked him made me for example letter "ta" or "ba" and "tha".

M made "Ba" mashaAllah for making "ta" her brother helped her and she added a lot dots for letter "tha")))).

A started, at first he found correct places fo each form and next put dots in correct place alhamdulillah.

Letter "Ta"

Letter "Tha"

After this A sorted all pom poms by the size.

MashaAllah well done!

And counted.

Another activity was from snake cube puzzle, after snake theme kids play with them more.

I called this game name " find me my place"!)

By this game we repeat the name of 3 form. THA in the begining- fi awwalil kalima.

THA in the middle- fi wasatil kalima.

THA in the end-fi axiril kalima. Alhamdulillah.

Later I gave exercise book for A and he little practiced his writing skill without dots.

His first word in Arabic "Abun" and he wrote in Uzbek "Dada" which means Daddy!))

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