Sunday, May 12, 2013

Spring -ar Rabi'

        Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh.

All seasons are my favorite, but spring is my best SubhanaAllah. Smell of beautiful and colorful flowers and fresh green grasses. Beautiful voice of birds and warm wind with warm sun shine. Diffrent kind of insects and  blossom of trees and creation of Allah so great ! SubhanaAllahi wa bihamdik wa SubhanaAllahil Azim!!!
Alhamdulillah all seasons has own special period, subhanaAllah how they are wonderful.

For spring week i found a lot of useful resource, inshaAllah it 'll be benefit to share with other sisters.

First from amuslimchildisborn  "Seasons" theme.

Next from  Spring pack. This pack is so big, i think we can use it full of springtime inshaAllah.

Then I found one good montessori blog The Helpful Garden  and her free downloads site. Here you can find more about Life cycle of the butterfly and frog etc inshaAllah.

And we watched this Video .

And from Montessori for everyone Seasons and cloth matching game.

Now i'll add kids work, i printed more things for them but we didn't finish all yet. I think we can continue in other week too, bi'iznillahi wa ta'ala.

2 Books from . Sometimes my phone camera took picture upside down, sorry for this P)

We read and A colored.

Painting time!

A is painting.

M is painting all by herself )))

Using to mek circe line bottle of Yogurt drink.

I made from straws lower stamp for easy making flowers.

Already M painted curtain)) another cleaning for me in Spring time alhamdulillah.

Drawing time, A drawed sun, clouds, birds, trees with green leafs , grasses and flowers all by himself. He wanted add again one boy who is jumping in the puddle but couldn't draw all, not was place for boy, he drawed on the back side of the sheet)).

M's work, she also drawed all by hersilf , flowers with helping stamp. Then she hugged her work when she wanted to shaw to her dad, I couldn't take picture before thatP).


All this activities from Spring pack 1 they did other works from this pack but i didn't take picture yet. Maybe inshaAllah nexttime i can add them here.

Montessrori cards life cycle of the betterfly. And i made for kids some toys from felt too.

Now they can play and learn the same time alhamdulillah.

For fun learning way I found this project from

We read this book little before  but it is good for our theme.

This one I loved, this book , it is very educational, we learned more about blue whales subhanaAllah.

I have other ideas and plans for spring theme inshaAllah. If we'll do something for this theme i'll attach here in this post inshaAllah.

Maybe some people can be surprise why we started spring theme so late especially uzbeks, here in Finland spring is comes very late and fast become summer . Sometimes I don't know this time spring or summer subhanaAllah.

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