Saturday, May 18, 2013

Our "Jiim" -week continues

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh. We`ve continued our week by studying some "jiim"-words, seasons etc.

I made for Z a game about seasons by using again Papunet`s pictures from here . I printed the game boards and cards direct to carton and then cutted cards: I printed two same kind of cartons for every season - one for game board and one for cards. The idea of the game is that every player (when 4 players) have one game board (one season) or two game boards (when only 2 players). All the cards are mixed. Then take cards one by one and the player who have same kind of picture, can put the card on the game board. The winner is the one, whose game board is full of cards first!

Summer and spring.

Autumn and winter.

We studied also about carrots. These small simple felt toys show how carrots live inside soil and when they are ready they can be taken out of the soil.

We also practised to tie. Z needs little more practise.

Yesterday the weather was so beautiful maaschaAllaah! We were nearly all the day outside and also studied outside. It looks already like a summer!

Kids played with these kind of chalks.

S made a road for Z, so he can drive there by his bicycle. Yesterday Z drived by bicycle in the forrest many kilometers maaschaAllaah!

We continued to study about shapes. Here circle.

We were AGAIN in the library and found lots of nice books!
This is really nice for Z, because he is so interested in the time!


This book is nice for the thema "the life cycle of butterfly", but also the days of the week and numbers!

This one I like a lot! The vocabulary is so good for Z and it`s easy to read!

This book I took for thema "rowing". In the summer I like it a lot! My dad taught me when I was child!

Good book for numbers and plural in Arabic!

A lovely book about maternal love with nice pictures.

Flowers already need to water. Z loves that work!

Small snack outside :).

For lunch I made Indian style Butter Chicken with rice and wild rice.
We studied also about Friday prayer Jum`a. I found a nice story for this subject again from the book called "Salam - islamin polku 1-2".

Today we modelled for example some Arabic letters by air-hardening modelling material.

Some "Jiim"-words by apps. Many of them are not new for Z, but I wanted to introduce them for him in this week, because I hope he understands that them begin with "jiim".

One puzzle exercise.

Some worksheets. Arabic ones are from our plan resources, the tractor sheet is from here and the camel sheet is from here .
For the camel sheet we had to add colors under the picture because my printer didn`t print them perfectly. In this work sheet should color by number.

We spoke also about the Paradise and the Hell. I found a small story about Paradise from here . I copied it also here and translated for Z ín Finnish.
There's a Garden, beautiful
Allaah says He'll give
To each Muslim who has tried
A good life to live.
It's a place we've never been
Where people never die
Happy always, they will be
And they will never cry.
So if we all obey Allaah
Do our fasts and Prayer
Allaah will give us that Garden
Forever we'll live there!

We also studied this dua I found from the same site:

The Prophet sallallaahu 'alayhi wasallam said that if we ask Allaah for Jannah three times, Jannah will say:
“O Allaah, let him enter (Jannah)”:
Allaahumma innee as’alukal jannata (three times)
This du’aa means: O Allaah, I ask you for Jannah [Paradise.]
Allaahumma innee as`alukal jannata!Allaahumma innee as`alukal jannata!
                     Allaahumma innee as`alukal jannata!




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