Sunday, May 26, 2013

A donkey called Violetta

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh!

I heard that a farm called Hemböle ((For more information, please klik here!) brings animals to Kipinäpuisto, which is a play ground quite near to us. We`ve seen their animals many times, but our kids love them and  that`s why we went again to see them today.

Maybe, sister Ummu Abdillaah, we could go to see them together, if they`ll come again nearer to You and on Mo-Fri?

Z drove by his bicycle there, so it was also a good exercise for him!

There was a fire truck too. They introduced it for kids.

Here Z waits to go inside.

Then animals.

Kids were able to ride by a pony and a donkey. I told for kids that I have ridden by a camel. It doesn`t move like a pony or a donkey - it moves both legs in the same side simultaneously. That`s why riding by a camel is little wobbly. And that`s why camels are called as "boats in the desert".

I wanted to show for Z especially a donkey. Pictures are not really good, because the donkey was so busy with riding kids :).

Kids could also brush sheeps. Z loved that! The small one was so soft!

We saw a goat again!

And chicken

and a rabbit!

Then some playing!

Today we spoke about the products we get from animals, for example eggs from chickens and milk from cows. Honey is made by bees. SubhaanAllaah! For example I made food, which meat was from chicken and cheese was made from milk, which is from a cow.
I made strawberry yogurt ice cream too from Turkish yogurt, which is again made from milk!

It was refreshing and so summery!

I hope Z starts to think where our food comes and to respect animals for that! And of course praise  Allaah for all we have!  Some kids in cities think that milk comes from factories etc.! That`s why I think that this kind of things are important to learn!
Z already waits tomorrow! We had so nice time in the park last time with dear sisters and their kids! InshaaAllaah we`ll meet again tomorrow!

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