Friday, May 3, 2013

New subject: triangle, square and circle!

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh.

Today we continued to study more about animals. I used that book.

For many animals Z told me, that he saw like that yesterday at the museum.

Alhamdulillaah we also saw one really nice nature document from Arabic channel. We saw how small crocodile babies came out from the eggs and how the crocodile mum helped them to water - just like we learnt before! SubhaanAllaah! Of course we didn`t understand all, because it was in Arabic, but I think that it`s usefull to try to listen the language!

I`ve thinking a couple of days that I should learn more with Z about forms circle, triangle and square in Finnish ympyrä, kolmio, neliö. I nearly started to cut the forms yesterday, but I was little tired after visiting the museum with all four kids and alhamdulillaah that I did not! Because today Z got his second Nallekarhun esikoulu (Teddybear`s pre school) -book and the subject of the book was colors and forms! SubhaanAllaah!

We did some exercises from the book and I cutted the yellow forms for Z.

Again I didn`t want to loose the lines, so I taped my cuttings from back ground...

and taped the lines on the strong carton. Now Z can play with them like a puzzle. He liked it a lot alhamdulillaah!

We also counted, how many angles is in triangle and how many in square. Z tried with his finger too. We discovered that a circle has no angles. My husband told the names of the forms also in Arabic.

Then Z sorted them and putted every form in order from the smallest one to the biggest one.

After cutting all the colors, these cards can be used in many ways, for example sorting by forms, by colors, by sizes... As a color memory game etc. And also make some pictures by them. There are some pictures we did before by different kind of form blocks.

With pre school book game also another book about forms and garden. We started it too.

Z got second sticker to his pre school tree for a good work maaschaAllaah :)!

For story time...

in Finnish

and in Arabic.

I tried to choose interesting subjects for Z!

Now Z went to mosque to pray alhamdulillaah!

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