Thursday, May 2, 2013

Animal adventure

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh.

Today after our morning circle we continued to study about snakes. I found a little scary picture from that 3D book I wrote about some time ago. There can see snake`s fangs and tongue. I liked Ummu Abdillaah`s idea to show for the kids in that way, how to pronounce "tha" correctly! That`s why that picture was great for us. I`ve also practised the right pronouncing with a mirror :).

We also studied about Finnish snakes. There are in mainland Finland grass snakes and vipers. Vipers are poisonous. We`ve seen them in the forrest and in my parents` garden. I showed pictures for Z. Viper can found from here and grass snake from hereHere is one exercise about grass snake.

Today our new Arabic word was a fox,ثعلب . I found some nice exercises from here , for example a fox dot to dot exercise. Z liked them! Some information can also be found from here . I have some rhyme cards and I found one nice rhyme about a fox.

Alhamdulillaah today we were able to visit the animal museum. I`ve been there many times with kids, but today I asked my husband to tell for kids animals´s names in Arabic too. We`ve bring all our kids to museums in very early age and they are interested in them. Baby I was today second time at the Animal museum :)! For Z I gave today a duty to try to find a fox.

Nice thing was that we were also able to touch the fox`s fur. How soft it was! SubhaanAllaah! Fox has a different kind of fur in the summer and in the winter.

...and saw the foot prints of the fox too.

We saw many animals, which names we have studied in our Arabic lessons, for example different kinds of snakes. SubhaanAllaah!

 I took a lots of pictures from animals. I love animals :) and I also tought that I can maybe use these pictures after for teaching...

We discovered and tried many things...

This was a crocodile!

S tries how heavy the fish is.

These kind of rings (smaller of course) put to birds so that can discover about their live.

Kids went inside the snow tunnel.

These rings are for spiders.

I like that museum because some of the items are touchable!

We found also dinosaurs.

And spiders!

And a baby cow with too heads subhaanAllaah!

African night was so beautiful!

Alhamdulillaah we had an educational and nice day!

More information about the animal museum can find from here .
It`s free to go there on every month`s first Thursday at 16-18 and in the summer at 15-17.

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