Wednesday, September 4, 2013

All about A & M' s Ramadan

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh.

At last I have time to upload all our works during this Ramadan month alhamdulillah. In the begining and in the end of Ramadan my kids were little sick especially M had temperature. As usually I had planed more thing but with qadaral Allah some of them I could not. However alhamdulillah Allah gave us nice time in Ramadan and Eid al fitr.

InshaAllah, here I add all  our pictures from that time with shortly explanation. 

Our Ramadan banner found place from here).

My daily schedules were like these, they were only for 10 days.

I put one of them for each envelope (for first 10 days).

Here how my kids every day opened one by one.

A was happy when he got insects, and asked me open again)). If he found other things like stikers he said I want again insects(. 
I think maybe next time I'll change my calendar for another idea inshaAllah, maybe for Daily Ramadan games.

So, I planed in this Ramadan ,inshaAllah;
1. Aqida lessons (30 -31)
2. Qur'an (1 surah for 3 days, all 10 suwar)
3.All arabic letters
4.Siyrah life in  Makkah
5.5 pillars of Islam.
7. More crafts

What we have done, alhamdulillah;
1. Aqida lessons (29 only A Learned)
2. Qur'an (3-4 suwar, Fatiha ,Ikhlas, A'sr and Qadr ) ,(M little bit Ikhlas)
3.All Letters (half of them with Writing and Reading and others with out)
4.Siyrah lif in Makkah
5.5 pillars of Islam (A Learned Shahada, Solah, Sawm and litlle bit Zakat dut M only littleabout Solah and Sawm. ) 
6. Dua (A some, M only bed time)

Here M's ramadan coloring book, can be found from here.

M's Ramadan activity book from A Muslim Child is Born!

A did them last year already, but when he saw M is working , he also wanted the same worksheets).

Here he took pictures by him self ,as specially his name)).

M's working from Ramadan activity book.

Ramadan games from Ummu Abdul Basir's blog. 

A's postcard to Z, from here.

And his coloring book from here.

From the Library I could not find such a good books like sister Ummu Karim's book that time. Then I used which I printed before from Islomiy oila and  TalibiddeenJR

A colored them when he was 2 and half.

Qur'an activity set from sister Umm an-Nu'man. Barakallaahu feeki, jazakiAllah khir dear sister!

M's work.

A's work.

I made some game cards for M to keep her busy. This idea comes from here.

She played with several ways!

For A some other games.

Craft prayer rug!

Salah theme! From a Muslim child is born and TalibiddeenJR and others.

This worksheets from here.

DiY Ramadan puzzles.

This can be found from here.

After sister Ummu Karim I also decoret watermelon like moon.

Thank you dear sister Ummu Karim for your link about Algerian food, me too tried Harira 1th time).

With A we cooked Moon cookies after when we read about Splitting of the Moon from Siyrah.
A asked me Mom are we doing experiment? ))).

Books which we read during Ramadan.

For Eid day I could not  decoret and prepare more. But Alhamdulillah I gave nice gifts for M and her dad. In my life I sewed first time and it was one Thawb for our daddy and one hidjab for M for her Eid prayer.

In Eid day we also went to Linnanmaki , for A it was free, alhamdulillah!

Recipe is from here.


  1. Assalam alaikum wa rohmatullah wa barokatuh. MashaAllaah, sister, wa BarakahAllaah! You did great job. I'm sure kids loved all of the activities you did with them. JazakumuAllaah for making their Ramadan full of fun and entertaining learning experience! You have motivated me a lot!

    1. Wa alaikum assalam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh. Dear, sister jazaki Allah khair for kindly words and feeki Barakallah. Alhamdulillah, some printables were already ready, some of them I used last year too.
      I cann't say I did lot but I tried bi'iznillahi wa ta'alaa. I couldn't finish our 5 pillars mini book and craft for Asmaul Husna. InshaAllah by time we'll share them too, May Allah help me in this, amin.
      Dear sister, you are also motivating me everytime!))