Saturday, September 28, 2013

Back to homeschooling Alhamdulillah!

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh.

Alhamdulillah Rabbil A'lamin who gave me chance again to start my normal homeshooling!

I'd like to tell a little story of my homeschooling inshaAllah. When A was baby I saw Montessori video activities (from 8 month -3 years old) in Russian. Then I started to interesting for early learning. 
One day I found sister Ummu Sara's blog.That kind of thing was new for me. I was soo happy to finding such as great work in Uzbek-English languages mashaAllah. From her blogs I found other Muslimah homscholing sisters's blogs (sister Umm-an Nu'man's blog,sister Umm Ibrahim's blog, sister Ummu Maimoonah's blog and other wonderful bloggers) subhanaAllah.

I hadn't more info about homschool. Even now I have not so more idea. I'm only following those sisters way who already tested by themselves and sharing their practices. But I know, I'm mom who knows her child better and spend all time together. I think all mothers are first teachers for their kids in the World, even they don't teach them for some reasons wa Allahu A'alam.

A was about 1 year when he showed his interesting to the letters and everythings , especially to animals and their sounds! He asked (by special babies way not with words) every single letters with pointing his finger. I answered without laziness each his questions. First I answered inattention but after some time I saw he remembered every my answers. When he was about 1 and half he had learned all vowels and some English-Arabic letters and numbers not so much. That time I had not more time to spend with him and learn. Then M was born, I was busy with my new baby. One day (when he was near 2) A wrote on magnetic board somithing and said " look mom this is arabic letter ..."(i didn't remember well it looked like JIM or other) subhanaAllah it was similar.
After that I feel sorry and thought it is time to start for him HOMESCOOLING!

Bi'iznillahi wa ta'alaa I started my homeschooling in spring time in 2012 y , when A was 2 years and 2 month old! That time it was hard for me how to start. Alhamdulillah there are (in the internet) a lot resources and wonderfull homeschooling sisters!

I prefered dear sisters UmmMaimoonah's curriculum and  UmmSara's curriculums and tried to use them. Jazahuma Allah khair fee ad dunya wa al akhira wa baarakAllahu fee awladuhhuma!
I made my own "Islam is my life"curriculum which  basically belongs to dear sister Umm Ibraheem TJ's Islamic prescool curriculum outline. Jazaki Allah khair dear sister feed dunya wa al akhira!
My curriculum was simple, weekly arabic english letters and isamic ilm. A was small thats I did not do more. We finished marked weeks only. Then I stoped my weekly curriculum and started to prepare him for Ramadan and teach him about 5 Pillars of Islam. After Ramadan we learned about Hajj and did a lot activities from sister Umm an Nu'man's Hajj theme. And her "All about me" theme pack and Seasons and little bit weathers. And other Weather pack form here.Then from this year(2013) how you know, we started with sister Ummu Karim our weekly Arabic club.

Now time to start again for him normal homeschooling inshaAllah. First time I cann't know from where to start my homeschooling and asked some advice from dear Sister Umm an Numan's . Alhamdulillah after her replying I decided to continue my PRESCHOOL CURRICULUM with some addition inshaAllah, bi'iznillahi wa ta'ala.

A is now 3 years and 8 month old. M is 2 years and 1 month old. My preschool curriculum little bit different for both of them.

This year I'll use UmmMaimoonah's preschool curriculum inshaAllah with some my own way inshaAllah. Barakallahu feehum all they did great job,and this time I really need ready plan, alhamdulillah and thank you to all you sisters again!!!

Kids are different ...I mostly gave my attention to teach A then M. A was calm boy and it was easy explain him things and he understands well. M little bit fast , she was little bit difficult for me. Now Alhamdulillah she is big girl, loves to study, not any more putting thing in her mouth like crayons etc.
When I was teaching my son I feel little sorry for M. But alhamdulillah it was good, if you start from elder others will follow them inshaAllah. M likes to copy  all things from her bro. Now days A helping me with M's study alhamdulillah.

M's islamic prescool curriculum like this inshaAllah.

1.     Aqida ;
Aqida book from Bolajonlarim in Uzbek.

2.     Arabic;
Letters(28),  numbers(0-10),  colors(basic),  shapes(basic)…etc.

     3.  English;
All letters,  numbers(0-10), colors (she knows some), shapes …etc.

3.     Math;
Reception lessons of Mep Maths.
4.     Islamic studies mini books.

5.      ( Qur’an and dayli duas. If she’ll understand then story of Prophets (Adam a.s, Nuh a.s Ibrahim a.s and Siyrah life of Makkah). But I’m not sure she’ll give her attention or not.)

 A’s  Islamic prescool curriculum for this year inshaAllah.

1.     Complete Islamic Studies mini books.
2.     Review Aqida for kids in uzbek .
3.     Tawheed book. And other tawheed for kids inshaAllah.
4.     Stories of Prophets and Siyrah life of Madinah .
5.     Qur’an hifz and little step by step tajweed.
6.     Daily dua and Hadith (as possible inshaAllah).
7.     Arabic language: Writing and Reading letters. New vocabularies.
8.     English language: Wriring and Reading phonics. New vocabularies.
9.     Math Mep year1 with practice book.
10. Finnish language:  numbers, colors …etc.(as much as he can)

Time table- subhanallah it is difficult for me to plan. If my kids want we’ll do our study any time.
This time I have my own studies 2 days in the week. In the weekend my kids mostly spend their time with their dad. So 3 full days left. But I’ll try to do something  in the weekend or other days.

Alhamdulillah we already finished 1-week and started next week.

Soon I’ll update our last weeks job inshaAllah.

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