Wednesday, September 4, 2013

News and changes!

                           Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh.

Dear sisters, after Ramadan we have news. I can not say it is good or bad, it is only qadaral Allaha wa Ta'laa.

My dear sister Ummu Karim and my son's friend Z are now faaar away from us! They are moved!!!

 Sister Ummu Karim are my first friend in Finland. She was only one which I can speak in English, I practiced my English only with her! We met each other in Lampopuisto. I still remember that day...).
She was pregnant and I was pregnant. SubhanaAllah, our problems were same, our thought were the same and etc...then we became good friend, alhamdulillah.;

Then baby Z was born after 1 month baby A was born, alhamdulillah. Z and A are friends from that time mashaAllahu wa tabarak.

For their company we planed with sister our weekly Arabic club. Alhamdulillah They are finished 15 Arabic letters with some more and less success.

I don't know can we continue again our Arabic Letters week as before. But I know we'll try to share our ideas here again inshaAllah.

Dear sister Ummu Karim thank you for all! May Allah bless you in your new Home!

 InshaAllah I'm plannig to continue our blog with my other homeschool program. Like that way I'd like to finish Arabic letters and continue to study Arabic bi'iznillahi wa ta'ala.

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