Monday, October 21, 2013

week 3 of preschool curriculum

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh.

3rd week is letter C and "Ta" week!

C is for cotton! 

M helped with letters I made cotton flower. 

And clouds!

M's work!

Writing sheet from

Morning book from a Muslim child is born.

C is for Candy, that day was Friday Candy day for my kids. Then I gave them this work sheets from and M&M candy chocolate. After finished it was Yummy time!)
M's sheet.
A's sheet.
Ta for Tawaf. Very nice islamic tracing pages from Muslim Learning Garden.

Other worksheets.
M have done.

Ta for Taqweem-Calendar.
Finally I made new and very simple(fastly) taqweem-calendar for my kids.
I loved soo much this Calendar from

I used materials from these links;

A already colored some before, this time M with A completed them and together pasted words on right places.

Then they played this from here.

M's cutting practice.

Their books, after sister UmmuSara I also chooce these books. MashaAllah kids really enjoing from it and want to finish fast but I marked pages for easy using in our curriculum and I'm giving on that time.
InshaAllah when I'll find time i'll add other our books.

Math for M.

Math for A.
All materials from here.
Kids played magnetic map many times.
We learned again abot Hajj and month of Dzul Hijja. This can be download from here.

This side from
M's work form
A's sequencing cards. From A muslim child is born.

This time I took pictures which I didn't take before.

A's applique from this site.
I little helped him.
His coloring from here
M's coloring with me!)
3 white bloks Hujjaj.
can be found from here.
Play time.

Computer time for A. He played
Alhamdulillah like this we spent time!

I'd liked to make them lapbook like from here, i have all material are ready but not was enough time. InshaAllah next time bi'iznillahi wa ta'ala.

My apologise for late publishing. I was so busy last week so we spent it only breaking week after Eid alhamdulillah. Hope next time we'll our rewision week inshaAllah.

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