Tuesday, October 8, 2013

week 2 of preschool curriculum

                           Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh.

Letter B and Ba week.

B is for Baloon.
We use broken baloon pieces and colored with brown , black and blue colors.

butterfly idea from my dearest sister UmmuAbdulAziz blog
Painting with balloon.

Sewing buttons.
A & M  have done with my help.
this one was M's favotite and she played many times.

Tracing sheet from dltk-teach.com .

Arabic letter tracing work sheet is from http://worksheetsforkids.net.

M's work.
A's work.
Arabic work sheets and idea "Ba" BATIKH (watermelon) from Tarbiyahhomeschool.com

M's ba.
A's ba.
I showed how to paint simple Fall trees, kids copied.
M's painting.
A's painting.
M helping me with coloring in Finnish, this is her first colors in Finnish , A knows well alhamdulillah.

Math time!
Math for A. in green.

Math for M in red.

Islamic studies mini book from sister Umm an Nu'man, Where is Allah?

For M arabic version.
For A english version.

In Arabic and in English we learned preposition. I think 1 week isn't enough for us. At home and where we are living we don't speak english and arabic. So we need more practice inshaAllah.

Making paper house Bayt for playing prepositions.

Books we read.

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  1. assalam alaykum! sis where did you buy your buttons? i love them. you are doing great job barakaAllaah!